Daisy Davenport

Representation: Alicia Keys
On Series Since: 2002 - Present
Full Name: Daisy Davenport
Profession: Hooker at the River Rock Casino
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Divorced, Chris Michaels; Divorced, Vinny Victors
Family Ties: Ex-husband, Chris Michaels; Twin Sister, Danielle Davenport [Deceased]; Niece, Trenyce Davenport; Aunt, Jemma Davenport


Daisy returned to Twin Peaks married to
Chris, which surprised some of her friends. Daisy decided to run for mayor of Twin Peaks. She was briefly a suspect in the stabbing of Vinny, but was cleared when Victoria was arrested.

On the day of the election, Daisy disappeared and she woke up in a cell. Her twin sister, Danielle, had returned and wanted to claim Daisy's life. It turns out, Danielle was always jealous of Daisy's relationship with their parents. Daisy believed that Danielle was responsible for the fire that caused the death of their parents. An alive Vinny found Daisy and offered to help her escape, for a price that she helps him whenever he needed it as mayor of TP; Daisy agreed and was freed. Little did she know that Danielle had taken over every part of her life, including the bedroom with her husband. Daisy exposed Danielle, Chris was stunned.

Long work hours saw Daisy at the office more and more. She has no idea that Chris continued sleeping with Danielle.

She then learned that Danielle died. Shocked, she agreed to take in Danielle's young daughter, Trenyce. Trenyce came to TP and was adopted by Chris and Daisy. Trenyce had her own agenda: she wanted to avenge her mother's death and was flirting with Chris to do so. Daisy, meanwhile, grew a friendship with Vinny. She learned that Danielle was pregnant when she died and vowed to uncover the truth, unknowing that her husband was the father of the baby. Daisy started to grow closer to Trenyce, unaware her niece was flirting with her husband. While on a trip to Milwaukee, ‘Vinny’ (really Brett) told Daisy that Chris was the one sleeping with Danielle at the time of her death. Daisy was devastated. Little did she know that Trenyce and Chris slept together while away. When Chris returned to town, Daisy told him she wanted a divorce. Chris started to want his marriage to work, however. On Christmas, Daisy learned of Trenyce and Chris’ affair. She contemplated suicide.

She regained her confidence and filed for divorce. She tried to support Trenyce during her pregnancy and helped her have her baby boy, Andrew. Meanwhile, Terrence Caldwell came to town and started to woo Daisy while working with her to open a new ski resort. Terrence, however, had some secrets of his own. He was the man dating Danielle when she died. On the opening night of the fundraiser, Brett (posing as Vinny) told Daisy that Terrence killed Danielle! Terrence took Trenyce and Daisy hostage and tried to kill them as well. Chris and Robbie saved the two women and Terrence died. Trenyce and Chris seemingly grew closer to Daisy after the attack. Daisy started to worry about Trenyce's behaviour when Andrew was around Chris. She gathered Chris and Andy together and the three of them confronted Trenyce. Trenyce denied any wrong doing and bolted in a snow storm. She and Andrew were in a car accident. Trenyce fell into a coma while Andrew required a blood transfusion to survive. Daisy, thinking Andy was the baby's father, urged him to donate to save his son's life. Andy revealed the truth: Chris is Andrew's father! Stunned, Daisy ripped into Andy for his lies. Chris donated and Andrew was saved; Trenyce awoke and realized that the truth came out. Daisy told Trenyce that she had made a mess of her life. To escape her family drama, Daisy suggested to Brett that he hold a New Years Eve party. At the party, Daisy came face to face with Brett and Dave -- the entire truth of the triplets were revealed!

Daisy slapped Brett for his lies. She told him in jail that she would do everything she could to ensure he never got out. Meanwhile, Chris decided to sue Trenyce for custody. Daisy took Trenyce's side and finally ripped into her for sleeping with her husband. They came together afterwards. At the trial, Daisy took the stand and was made to realize that she is keeping Chris away from his son to punish him for his affairs with Danielle and Trenyce. She apologized to Chris, who forgave her. Trenyce, meanwhile, saw how good Daisy was with the baby and feared that she was going to lose her son. Right before the judge was about to make a decision, Trenyce asked if Daisy would take custody of Andrew. Daisy was shocked but agreed that she would be good happy medium between Chris and Trenyce. The judge agreed, and the three of them embraced Andrew. The family seemed to grow closer. Daisy, meanwhile, learned that she had to run again for mayor. She learned that Vinny was running against her. During a debate, he brought up her personal history causing her to worry about the polls. His trick worked: he lead the polls heading into the day of the election. A story appeared in the Sun regarding Meggan's role in Victoria's accident and her connection to Vinny. The news story allowed Daisy to win the election again. Chris was secretly happy that he was the one who leaked the story. Daisy learned and kissed him.

Daisy slowly started to grow concerned about Trenyce's weight loss. She questioned her, but Trenyce claimed everything was alright. JC revealed to Daisy and Andy that he found Trenyce passed out one day, which caused Daisy to grow more concerned. She found Trenyce passed out in the snow and rushed her to the hospital, where Trenyce finally revealed her eating disorder. Daisy vowed to stand beside her while she recovered. Daisy's good friend and assistant Greta also offered Trencye support, as she too is a survivor of an eating disorder. She was concerned when Trenyce went back to work right away, but she was soon supportive since Trenyce was doing so well. Chris, meanwhile, started to give Daisy hope that they may get back together. Despite her reservations, Daisy couldn't deny that she still had feelings for her ex-husband. Vinny confronted Daisy and told her that he believed something was going on between Chris and Greta. Daisy was stunned and confronted her best friend, who lied to her about her relationship with Chris. On Thanksgiving, Daisy spotted Chris and Greta kissing and was devastated. She fired Greta and confronted Chris, telling him that he had to move out of the house. Chris stunned Daisy and Trenyce when he showed up on Christmas and announced that he was leaving town.

Daisy continued to feel the side effects of Chris and Greta's affair. Vinny made it clear to her that he had feelings for her, but she continued to claim she wasn't ready for anything but friendship. Vinny slowly started to try to win over her heart, even though he faced resistance every step of the way. Vinny told Daisy that she needed to learn to truth again; Daisy finally let her guard down and they made love. In the wake, Daisy was thrilled. She and Vinny told Trenyce about their new found relationship. Shortly after, Savannah Pherson came to town and called Vinny "Dave". Savannah revealed that Dave got her pregnant and left her. Vinny admitted to Daisy that she feels responsible for the baby. Daisy, meanwhile, was supportive of Trenyce's growing relationship with Casey. Casey took Trenyce to the Calimo cabin for a romantic getaway. Daisy worried when Trenyce failed to call Andrew on Thanksgiving. Vinny & Andy raced to the cabin; they saved Trenyce from Casey's evil clutches. Daisy stood by Trenyce, who was devastated by the turn of events.

Daisy supported Vinny as he continued to feel responsible for Savannah's baby with Dave. Daisy urged him to uncover the truth first; she visited Brett in jail and asked him if Savannah's story was true. He confirmed that it was. Daisy couldn't shake the feeling that something about Savannah's storyline was off; she had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Shortly after, Trenyce arrived at Daisy's house and revealed that Savannah saw Andrew and claimed that Andrew was her son! Trenyce refused to believe the story. Daisy supported her niece and soon a paternity test was ordered. At the hospital, the results came back in: Savannah is Andrew's biological mother! Madeline and Will were there at the time, and it was revealed that Dave was blackmailing Madeline into helping him with the baby switch. Trenyce slapped Madeline. Daisy encouraged Trenyce to do the right thing. On Christmas Day, Savannah showed up with a court order to take Andrew away. Daisy helped Trenyce hand over her baby.

Daisy was shocked to learn that Trenyce was going to sue Savannah for custody of Andrew. She encouraged her niece to think about what she was doing but Trenyce insisted. Daisy made a secret call and during the trial, Chris returned to town! He told Trenyce and Daisy that he was a changed man and that he and Greta had split up. Vinny wasn't pleased to see him back in town. Trenyce lost custody of Andrew, Daisy supported her. Vinny, meanwhile, proposed to Daisy and she accepted. At their engagement party, Meggan returned to town to toast the couple. Daisy was annoyed when Vinny offered his ex a place to stay with him and Daisy! Daisy realized that Meggan wanted Vinny back. Daisy and Vinny had a few disagreements over Chris and Meggan but they agreed not to let them get in their relationship anymore. Shortly after, Daisy had a run in with Frederick and wondered if she should trust Meggan's father. Daisy also became worried about Andy's drinking.

While planning their wedding, Vinny suggested to Daisy that she invite some of her family. Daisy decided to reach out to her Aunt Jemma. Shortly after, Jemma arrived in town. Daisy quickly thought that Jemma was hiding something in her past based on her reaction to seeing Frederick. Whenever Daisy confronted Jemma, she denied having any secrets but Daisy wasn't convinced. She decided throw a dinner party to get to the bottom of the mystery. At the party,however, Daisy didn't see anything odd happen, unaware that Meggan overheard Frederick and Jemma speaking. Daisy realized that maybe there was no secret and she and Vinny planned their wedding. Jemma soon fainted, which caused Daisy more worry. On New Year's Eve, Daisy saw Frederick and Jemma talking and demanded to know what was going on, since Jemma claimed she didn't trust Frederick.

Daisy supported Chris and Trenyce in their quest to find their biological child. She was upset when Vinny's lead on the child fell through and suggested that they hire Meggan to look into the case. They agreed. Daisy, meanwhile, learned that Chris was seeing someone new and told him to be happy, unaware that Trenyce was harbouring feelings for him. Daisy, also, was concerned about Jemma's past with Frederick, even though Jemma insisted that she didn't have a secret. Daisy told Vinny that she was worried about her Aunt when Jemma started suffering from nightmares. The couple also planned their wedding. Daisy vowed to get to the bottom of Jemma's secret past with Frederick. She invited Frederick over to the house and asked him what was going on. To cover, Frederick suggested that Daisy and Vinny use his winery in Santa Barbara as a venue for the wedding. He said it was an olive branch to put the past behind them and prove he wasn't hiding anything. Daisy and Vinny were excited to accept, even though Jemma thought it was a horrible idea. In Santa Barbara, Daisy was thrilled to see Andrew! Jemma, meanwhile, was feeling unsettled. On the day of the double wedding, a huge rain storm hit. Daisy noticed Jemma's odd behavior. Daisy and Vinny married. At the reception, Jemma fainted and when she woke up she revealed that she had been there before. Daisy demanded answers. Jemma told Frederick that she can't lie anymore and revealed that she was Meggan and Lukas' nanny when they were kids and her husband was the wine maker. Frederick caught Jemma's husband sleeping with his wife and as an act of revenge, he raped Jemma which caused her to get pregnant with twins: Daisy and Danielle. Daisy was shocked to learn that her mother was Jemma, father is Frederick and that she had two half-siblings. Moreover, Daisy was devastated that she was the product of rape. She slapped Frederick for his act. Daisy told Vinny that she didn't know if she would ever get over what happened. She booted Jemma out of the mansion when they got back to Twin Peaks. Daisy then reached out to Meggan and Lukas, who were awkward with her. Daisy then confronted Frederick about all of his lies on the night was shot. She was later questioned by the police. She reached out to her siblings to offer support while Frederick was in the hospital, however.

Daisy was shocked to learn that Frederick was killed on New Year's Eve. She reached out to Meggan and Lukas, as they mourned their father. Daisy was then questioned by Simona Lopez while she was investing Frederick's death. Daisy was soon removed from the suspect list. Daisy was worried for Chris when he was arrested for the murder. She noted that Jemma's odd reaction. Daisy continued to struggle with how she was conceived, and thus, couldn't forgive Jemma, even though she admitted that she did love her mother. Soon after, Chris proved his innocence. At the same time, Daisy announced to the citizens of Twin Peaks that an ice storm was going to hit the city and she urged them to take precautions. The storm hit during a party Chris threw to celebrate his release from jail. At the party, Daisy and Jemma had a heated confrontation where Jemma told Daisy to stop acting like a brat. Jemma went outside to get some air following the argument and witnessed a semi-truck t-boning Kim's car. The truck pushed Kim's car towards Jemma, and she got pegged between the restaurant and Kim's vehicle. Vinny and Daisy witnessed the accident and called for help; Jemma was rushed to the hospital where Daisy learned that Jemma was in a coma and would likely never wake up. Daisy refused to believe this was the fate of her mother, and told everyone that Jemma would be fine. Vinny was worried about his wife. Shortly after, Daisy lashed out at her husband for trying to bring personal belongings to Jemma's room as she felt like her mother would wake up. Daisy then supported Lukas during his trial for killing Frederick, and was put off when he was found guilty. Daisy continued to struggle with Jemma being in a coma. She desperately wanted to believe that her mother would pull through, since she couldn't lose her mother so quickly after finding her. Meggan and Donovan approached her and tried to convince her to get the truth after Simona found a piece of Jemma's hair on Frederick's pillow from his hospital room. Daisy maintained that Jemma wouldn't know any information regarding Frederick's death. Trenyce encouraged her Aunt to let the police do their job. Then, Vinny discovered the clothing in Jemma's hotel room and provided it to Simona. It revealed that Jemma did kill Frederick! Lukas was saved from jail; Jemma then died leaving Daisy devastated. Daisy lashed out at Vinny and Simona for what they had done. Daisy blamed Vinny for Jemma's death. Daisy also tried to reach out to Meggan and Lukas, but Lukas was still bitter that Jemma let him go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. While pushing Vinny away, Daisy started to spend time with Tyler. Soon, they were kissing and almost made love, but she stopped the act. She vowed to make her marriage to Vinny work, even though she couldn't stop thinking about Tyler.

Daisy continued to push Vinny away as she blamed him for Jemma's death. Trenyce encouraged her Aunt to try to move on beyond the hurt. She asked Vinny if they could focus on work since it was an election year and he agreed. She also told Tyler that they couldn't see each other anymore, but he told her he missed her and invited her to his place, which she agreed too. She was late to Shane's birthday party because she went to Tyler's - and they had sex. In the wake of the affair, she told him it was wrong but she ended up sleeping with him multiple times. Kim saw the two of them kissing and Lukas saw them making love, but said nothing. Vinny, meanwhile, hired Lukas to be Daisy's campaign manager, which she didn't like, however, she couldn't help but think some of his ideas were good. She was nervous about how well Robbie did in the first debate, realizing that she had to step up her game if she wanted to win the election again. Daisy continued to work with Vinny and Lukas to try to win the election, but Robbie was making the race very close. Daisy also told Tyler that their affair was over; she had to recommit to Vinny. The day before the election, Vinny and Daisy shared a close moment, which lead him to believe that their marriage was back on track. The next day, an article in the Twin Peaks Sun ran a picture of Daisy and Tyler kissing. Daisy was horrified and lost the election as a result. She wondered who ruined her career, unaware it was Kim and Bob. Vinny, meanwhile, lost his cool upon learning about the affair. He confronted his wife, who tearfully admitted her affair. Daisy pleaded with Vinny to give her another chance, but he refused and he filed for divorce. Trenyce was upset with Daisy at first, but they soon mended fences and Trenyce tried to convince Vinny to forgive Daisy, to no avail. Tyler, meanwhile, told Daisy that if Vinny wasn't going to forgive her, they could be together now. They kissed, as Vinny plotted revenge against them. Daisy worried about what the revenge could be.

Daisy laid low for a while as she wanted to move on from the public exposure of her affair with Tyler. Trenyce told her that Vinny was going to get revenge on her and Tyler, so Daisy confronted her ex-husband. Vinny claimed nothing was going to happen. Daisy believed him but still wondered if he was up to something. Shortly after, Daisy and Tyler rekindled their romance and made love. Vinny realized what was happening and plotted against them. Tyler then got Daisy hired at Robertson Enterprises as they were working on a new winter/ski line. Daisy was put off when Dominick announced he had hired Vinny as a designer consultant. Daisy and Tyler continued to grow closer as they worked together at Robertson Enterprises on the Gravity line. Daisy was put off, however, when Dominick hired Vinny as a design consultant on the line. Daisy told both Tyler and Trenyce that she thought it was odd that Vinny suddenly had an interest and talent in design when he never did while they were married. They tried to calm her apprehensions down, but they increased again when Daisy learned that Brett was missing. Daisy confronted Vinny about his twin's disappearance and he told her to mind her own business. At the launch of Gravity, Daisy saw Vinny lurking around and still thought it was odd. Daisy decided to go skiing after the launch, which upset Tyler as he was planning on proposing to her. On the ski hill, Daisy ran into Vinny right before an avalanche struck! Daisy and Vinny were presumed dead; in fact, she was alive and Vinny was holding her hostage with Brett! Vinny told her that this was his revenge for her sleeping with Tyler.

Daisy remained Vinny's capture with Brett in the cage. Together they talked about their outside lives and she felt bad for him when he said no one would be looking for him, unlike her who had Tyler, Trenyce and her family. Daisy soon began to give up on hope of getting out of the cage. Brett surprised them both by kissing her; soon, they ended up having sex with each other, but in the aftermath, she said itw as a mistake. Daisy and Brett remained captive by Vinny in the Victors mansion. They, one day, heard a noise and thought someone was trying to save them. Vinny appeared and they questioned him, but he said no one would ever save them. Shortly after, Victoria, Meggan and Brad searched the secret passages at the Victors mansion and they found Daisy and Brett! Vinny arrived and stopped them from being saved by announcing he had bombs in the mansion! He set them off! Everyone lived except for Brett, but Vinny pretended he was Brett to escape jail. Daisy didn’t believe Vinny’s claim until an altered DNA confirmed that he was “Brett”. Daisy, meanwhile, reunited with Tyler and they made love. Daisy, however, found it hard to stop thinking about Brett and their night together and visited him often. Vinny clued in to this and kissed Daisy a couple of times, once which Tyler saw. Shortly after, Tyler admitted to Daisy that he and Natasha slept together while she was away and they slept together again after he saw her kiss Vinny. Daisy was crushed but they agreed to go their separate ways. Vinny kissed her again after and plotted against Daisy, who was unaware that Vinny was still alive.


Daisy comforted a distraught Trenyce, who mourned Brad after he was murdered on New Years Eve. Daisy moved in with "Brett" after the attack at Trenyce's house. Tyler, however, told her not to trust Brett. Daisy, however, enjoyed Brett's company, unaware that it was still Vinny posing as Brett. Vinny pressed her to a date but she claimed she just wanted to be friends. Tyler then told Daisy he saw Brett coming out of Victoria's apartment, but Vinny covered with her. Tyler also told Daisy about Felicia's claim that Brett was in her bedroom, but once again Vinny covered and told Daisy he was tired of everyone being suspicious of him and comparing him to Dave and Vinny. Daisy felt bad and agreed to a date with him. They shared a kiss and hit the sheets. In the aftermath, Daisy thought their love making was different from the time they were trapped together. Vinny, once again, covered by telling her it was different because they were free. She couldn't shake the feeling that something was different this time. Tyler and Meggan told her to follow her gut. Daisy, then, supported Andrew and Trenyce when Albertinah was killed. Chris was released from jail on good behavior and she told him to support Trenyce when it was announced that Trenyce was pregnant with Brad's child. Daisy was stunned by Meggan's theory that Vinny is alive and Brett died in the explosions last year. She reminded Meggan that they ran a DNA test to prove that Vinny died but Meggan continued to suspect that it is true. Daisy shared Meggan's theory with Tyler, who told her to find out the truth. Not knowing what was going on, Daisy stopped sleeping with "Brett". She stole his toothbrush and provided it to Meggan so they could run a DNA test. Vinny, however, realized that it was missing and questioned Daisy. To prevent him from learning the truth, Daisy seduced him and they made love. The following day, Meggan and Daisy the DNA results came back and proved that Vinny was alive! Daisy and Meggan were stunned and told Andrew and Tyler the news. Daisy went to Simona and revealed the truth; she put out an APB on Vinny, who was at Raven's Meadow. Daisy, Meggan and Lukas were further rocked to learn that Frederick was alive and that Leah could be their half-sister. Daisy started to feel faint and learned that she was pregnant; she was crushed that Vinny fathered her child and he was dead. She kept quiet about the baby as he had no idea what she was going to do. She supported Lukas and Meggan as they went on TV and pleaded with Frederick to come home, even though she worried about what him returning would mean for her future.

Daisy continued to struggled the fact that she was pregnant with Vinny's child. She told Trenyce that she was thinking about doing something that would change her life. Trenyce wondered that this meant but Daisy kept mum. Soon after, Daisy had an abortion, which sent her into a tailspin. She was further distract when Frederick returned to town at the Roboto gala. Frederick had a dinner party for her children, which Daisy attended. At the dinner, Frederick revealed that Leah was his biological daughter. After the dinner, Daisy found an odd note in her purse. She ended up showing it to Victoria, who wondered if Eva was alive and well. At the gala, Daisy met the casino owner Antonio Moretti. As she was struggling with the baby, Antonio offered to help her. Daisy wondered what he meant. Antonio whisked Daisy to Vegas for a weekend to escape. While she was drinking, Daisy was approached by a man, who offered her cash for sex. She turned him down. In the morning, however, she was naked and there was money left on her bedside. She questioned Antonio about what happened and he admitted that she slept with someone for money. Daisy was stunned but realized that she liked the escape from her own pain. Daisy agreed to work for him in this capacity at the casino. Andrew, who started gambling, saw Daisy and wondered what was happening. Andrew and Daisy seemingly grew closer as they admitted that they were running from something. Daisy was supportive of Trenyce when she became pregnant, however, she turned down her offer to be the maid of honor at her upcoming wedding to Chris. Trenyce worried that something was going on with her Aunt. Daisy continued to sleep with men for money at the casino, which pleased Antonio. Daisy and Andrew, meanwhile, grew closer as they both realized that they were running from something; him, his feelings for Trenyce, and Daisy her pain from her abortion. They ended up sharing a few kisses while Andrew admitted that he took a loan from Antonio so he could gamble. Daisy, then, realized that she had to stop selling her body for money and start dealing with her pain in a healthy manner. She told Antonio, who told her that she would have to pay him back for all the clothing and accessories that he bought her. Daisy decided to continue to sell herself and then gave Andrew the money to pay off his loan. They planned to leave the casino together once they were all paid off with Antonio, but they did feel trapped together. Shortly after, Trenyce asked Daisy to be her maid of honor at her wedding to Chris. Daisy, still, dealing with her grief, said no, which made Trenyce worried about her Aunt. Trenyce and Chris got married and shortly after, Trenyce gave birth to a baby girl, Tinah, and Daisy was there to support her. On Christmas Day, Daisy and Andrew had sex.

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