Mallory Cunningham

Representation: Jessi Cruickshank
On Series Since: 2011 - 2012
Full Name: Mallory Cunningham
Died: 2012
Profession: Student
Martial Status: Attraction, Adam Black
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: None History:


Mallory is a student at TPU and will interact with Trenyce. She is a classic mean girl as she contiues to put Trenyce down for being "fat". She also has started to flirt with her math teacher Adam.

Mallory continued to have a crush on her teacher Adam. She started to slowly seduce him and he showed up at her house while he was fighting with Helen. The two almost had sex, but Adam realized that he couldn't cheat on his wife. Mallory was crushed and wondered what Helen had that she didn't. Then it dawned on her: Helen had Adam's baby. In an act of desperation, Mallory kidnapped Dawn Marie and held her hostage in her childhood tree house. Adam and Helen quickly found her where she pleaded for Adam to give them a chance. Adam refused and Mallory fell to her death from the treehouse. The Blacks were reunited with Dawn, but Helen had overheard Mallory confess her near affair with Adam.

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