Veronica Lane

Representation: Adele
On Series Since: 2012 - 2013
Full Name: Veronica Lane
Profession: Chemist
Martial Status: None
Previous Relationships: Broken Engaged, Jeff Claus
Family Ties: None


Leah hired Veronica to be the new chemist to work at Roboto. She is working on a new perfume for the company. Leah was surprised to learn that Jeff and Veronica were dating. On New Years Eve, Jeff proposed to Veronica and she accepted.

Jeff and Veronica planned their wedding after they got engaged. She was a little un-nerved by his closeness to Leah, but chalked it up as them being ex's. She was stunned when Jeff was revealed to be Paige's biological father, not Robbie. After the truth came out, Veronica asked Jeff how it impacted their relationship; he claimed it didn't and he asked her to get married sooner than later. She agreed. Leah learned of the wedding plans and felt odd about it. On the wedding day, Leah stopped the wedding. Veronica grew fed up and dumped Jeff. She quit Roboto and left town.

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