Savannah Pherson

Representation: Cassie
On Series Since: 2013 - Present
Full Name: Savannah Pherson
Died: 2016
Profession: Model; Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: Single Dating, Chris Michaels
Previous Relationships: Dated, Dave Victors
Family Ties: None



Savannah is the model from New York City that Dominick hires as the new face of Robertson Enterprises. She quickly befriended Reese. When she saw Daisy and Vinny eating out, she went up to their table and called him "Dave". Vinny and Daisy explained his real identity. Savannah revealed that she was dating Dave right before he passed away; and he left her when she was pregnant.

Savannah revealed to Daisy, Vinny & Trenyce that Dave stole her baby after she gave birth to him. Trenyce vowed to help her find the baby. Daisy and Vinny, meanwhile, visited Brett in jail to see if Savannah's story was true; he claimed it was. Savannah, meanwhile, continued to model at Robertson Enterprises. After the launch of Petals was successfuly, she agreed to do a meet and greet for the fans with Robin. However, a smoke bomb went off and when the smoke cleared, Robin was missing! Savannah was worried of Robin but was grateful when she was found. Shortly after, Savannah saw Trenyce with Andrew, who had just come home from visiting his father. Savannah immediately saw the boy and called him "her son". Trenyce was shocked and told her that she was mistaken; Andrew was her child. Savannah was positive that Andrew was her child, however. Shortly after, a court ordered paternity test occurred; it revealed that Savannah is Andrew's mother! Savannah blasted Madeline, blaming her for the baby switch. Madeline tearfully admitted that she had been blackmailed by Dave into switching the babies. Trenyce slapped Madeline. On Christmas Day, Savannah obtained another court order and showed up on Trenyce's doorstep, asking to have her child. Trenyce tearfully gave up Andrew to Savannah.

Savannah struggled to get Andrew to accept her as his mother. She called Trenyce for help in dealing with the child and Trenyce was shocked to see the messy state of Savannah's apartment. Realizing that Savannah wasn't in a position to raise Andrew, Trenyce decided to sue her for custody. At the custody hearing, the man everyone believed to be Andrew's father, Chris Michaels returned to town. At the end of the case, Savannah was awarded custody of her son. Chris, shortly after, asked Savannah out on a date. Frederick also became a father figure to Savannah. Frederick warned Savannah not to trust Chris, but Savannah found herself falling for the man. Savannah was left devastated when Reese died. In the wake of his death, Chris proposed to Savannah telling her that life was too short to waste. Savannah accepted and planned her wedding. On her wedding day, Frederick played a tape recording of Chris and Trenyce talking about their plan for Chris to use Savannah in hopes of getting Andrew back. Savannah was crushed and she slapped Chris and ran out.

Chris pleaded with Savannah to give her a second chance to no avail in the new year. Savannah revealed to Frederick that she was devastated by Chris and Trenyce's plan to use her to get Andrew back. Frederick encouraged her to make some strong life decisions. Savannah, meanwhile worried about Andy and his increasing drinking. Soon, Savannah was able to forgive both Chris and Trenyce and she told Frederick that she was at peace with what happened. Savannah, then, with the help of Trenyce, Kim, and Donovan planned an intervention with Andy. Savannah and Andy left for the cabin early, but the other three were stuck in Twin Peaks because of the summer storm. At the cabin, Savannah was shocked that Andy brought alcohol. She begged him to stop drinking but he told her that his husband was dead and drinking was his coping device. She couldn't handle a drunk Andy, so Savannah went for a hot bat. In a tragic twist of fate, a radio fell into the bathtub and electocuted Savannah. She died.

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