Representation: Sean Kanan
On Series Since: 2011
Full Name: Karl (no last name has been addressed yet)
Profession: Unknown
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: None



Karl is the man that Melissa hired in her quest to break up Robin and Cory. He throws acid on Robin's face at her premier. After the attack, he went into hiding until Madeline tracked him down after seeing photos of him the night of the premier. He realized Madeline was following him and kidnapped her. After he realized that she was on to him, he called Melissa and demanded more money. Maddie was able to get an SOS message to Cory and he and Robbie were able to save her. He was arrested and Melissa paid his bail. He told her that the truth was coming out unless he was able to get her a lawyer. Soon, Robbie had him brought in to the TPPD again and he admitted that Cory had nothing to do with the attack. Robin was crushed. Meanwhile, Madeline learned that Melissa paid Karl's bail. Karl was arrested again after Melissa's plan was exposed.

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