Melissa Young

Representation: Linda Dano
On Series Since: 2003; 2010 - 2012; 2020-2021
Full Name: Melissa Navy-Young
Profession: Retired Executive
Martial Status: Married, Phil Young
Previous Relationships: Affair, Dominick
Family Ties: Husband, Phil; Daughter, Robin Navy [with Dominick]; Daughter, Rebecca DeWitt [with an known man]; Son, Nicholas Young [with Phil Young]



Robin's mother that lives in Boston with her husband Phil. Melissa had an affair with Dominick, which produced Robin. Robin and Melissa were at odds, but when Robin visisted they bonded and made admends. Melissa's other daughter is Rebecca, with an unknown man.

Melissa returned to Twin Peaks for Robin and Cory's wedding. She made it clear that she didn't approve of Cory, but the wedding took place. Melissa learned that Cory didn't approve of Robin's modelling career and planned to use that against him in her plot to break them up. Melissa met up secretly with Bob and it was revealed that he brought her back to town in hopes of Melissa distracting Dominick from Sofia. The two shared a kiss, but her mind was still focused on breaking up Robin and Cory. Phil, meanwhile, had enough of the Twin Peaks life and went back to Boston leaving Melissa crushed.

At the premier for Robin's modelling, her plan with Karl went off. Karl ran towards Robin and threw acid at her. It was supposed to miss her and scare her, but the acid landed on her face and Robin was scarred. To save her own butt, Melissa planted seeds of doubt in Robin's head; Robin believed her mother and had Cory arrested. Cory vowed to prove his innocence but Melissa laughed at him. She and Dominick hit the sheets shortly after. Bob learned of her role in Robin's attack and forced her to dump Dominick. Meanwhile, Karl started to ask for more money which Melissa refused. After he kidnapped Madeline, Melissa paid Karl's bail but feared the truth was slowly coming out. Robin learned the truth and confronted her mother.

Robin blasted Melissa when she revealed the truth about the attack. Melissa pleaded with Robin to understand, but Robin threw her mother out of her life. Dominick also verbally attacked Melissa and told her to leave town and never return. Melissa was crushed. The final straw was when Cory came and gave her a piece of his mind. Afterwards, Melissa skipped town.

It was revealed that Rebecca was texting Melissa while sleeping with Cory, all as a part of a plan to keep Cory and Robin apart. Melissa vowed that Cory wouldn't be with Robin. Dominick soon caught Melissa and Rebecca together and wondered what was going on. Cory, soon, realized that the medication that Robin's doctor was giving her was actually making her worse, so he went to the hospital. He was shocked to find Melissa working with Dr. Caroline Fitzpatrick, Liam's sister. Melissa revealed to Cory that Robin signed over her POA to her, so he couldn't make her leave the hospital if he wanted too. Melissa was then shocked when Cory seemingly helped Robin escape from the hospital. Cory was shot by Caroline during the escape. At the hospital, Cory and Robin were reunited. Robin lashed out at Melissa for keeping her in the hospital. Melissa, meanwhile, told Rebecca to follow along with her plan. On New Year's Eve, Melissa revealed to Robin that Rebecca was pregnant - with Cory's baby!

Melissa's baby bombshell worked in breaking up Cory and Robin. She knew that Rebecca was worried about the truth coming out because Melissa was using Caroline Fitzpatrick's baby to pass off as Rebecca's. Melissa told Rebecca that no one would know the truth. Robin, however, almost uncovered the truth. Melissa was soon secretly worried about Caroline's cramping that became more and more regular. Melissa, also, convinced Rebecca to cover with Cory as he couldn't come into the doctor's office during any appointments because it was Caroline getting the update, not Rebecca. Melissa continued to plot to keep Cory and Robin apart. Rebecca started to get cold feet, but Melissa always pulled her back in. Melissa then called Cory when Caroline went into labour. They fought when Cory wanted to be with Rebecca while she gave birth. The doctor interrupted and announced that the baby girl was born. When she stopped breathing, Caroline confessed all to a shocked Cory and Robin. Robin slapped her mother for her betrayal; Melissa and Rebecca skipped town.

Melissa returned to town for the gala at St. Joseph's. She had words with Robin and Cory while there. She was upset when Bishop Murray criticized Nicholas, who ran off upset. Melissa spoke to the Bishop and made him realize that he was pushing away the one person who actually cared about the church. Wanting to apologize, the Bishop, Melissa and Phil went to find Nicholas; they caught him in bed with Andy! Nicholas was fired from the church. Melissa warned her son to stay away from Andy before leaving town. Melissa returned to town with Phil for the launch of Gravity and was horrified to learn that Nicholas was dating Andy. She told Nicholas that he would come home with her to Boston, but he refused. Melissa vowed to break up Andy and Nicholas as she didn't think Andy was worthy of her son.

Melissa maintained that she didn't want Nicholas to be with Andy, but he refused. She then realized that she had to go back to Boston so she offered her mansion to Nicholas to live in while she was away. He agreed unaware that she was plotting against him and Andy with her butler, Hendrix. Melissa returned to town after her gaslight scheme with Andy was revealed. Nicholas confronted his mother and lashed out at her for all the damage she caused. Once Andy returned from rehab, he threatened to have Melissa arrested if she didn’t give him the Reese lookalike’s contact information, so Melissa agreed.

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