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Representation: Justin Gaston

On Series Since: 2015- Present
Full Name: Max Black
Profession: Photographer, Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: In Love with, Robin Navy
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Mother, Cassie Nova; Father, Adam Black; Half-Sister, Dawn Black



Max is a friend of Paige's. He listens to her problems while keeping his life a secret.

Max became a good friend of Dawn's in the new year and helped her cope with some stress in her life while getting stoned with her. He also supported Paige whenever she needed it.

Max continued to supply Dawn with weed whenever she needed to get high. After hearing that she saw Adam & Helen at Andy's gala for Reese, he tried to convince her to move back home, to no avail. Max continued to tell Dawn that the only way to get things back on track between her and her parents would be to move home. He was supportive when Dawn revealed that Adam & Helen were talking divorce. Soon, Max saw Adam for the first time and had an odd reaction. Once Helen filed for divorce, Max went over to the house when Adam was packing. Adam met Max and revealed that Dawn wasn't at home. Max asked Adam why he didn't recognize him, but Adam didn't understand. Max shocked Adam by revealing that he is Adam's son with Cassie Nova! After Max revealed to Adam that he is his son, he pushed Adam away, upset that he abandoned him. Adam tried to get through to Max, but it was no use. Adam then met with Helen and Max met her. Dawn showed up and was shocked to see that she had a half-brother that she considered her best friend. Max told her that he couldn't tell her the truth out of fear; they made up. Cassie, meanwhile, told her son that she wanted him to have a relationship with Adam. Max started to soften towards Adam when he revealed to his father that he wanted to do something with his life. Adam encouraged him to do so. Max saw Robin and instantly developed a crush on her. He then interviewed with her to be a photographer at Robertson Enterprises; he got the job! While working with Robin, Max flirted with her. When he tried to kiss her, she told him that they could only be friends. Max was unnerved when he spotted Adam and Robin growing closer, however. After Dawn ran away again, Max found her living on the streets. He agreed not to say anything and she told him she couldn't go home again. On New Year's, Max went for it and kissed Robin at midnight.

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