Dr. Olivia Wilkins

Representation: Faith Hill
On Series Since: 2009 - 2011
Full Name: Dr. Olivia Wilkins
Died: 2011
Profession: Therapist
Martial Status: Married, Preston Wilkins
Previous Relationships: Affair, Will Coutts
Family Ties: Husband, Preston Wilkins; Son, Reese Wilkins; Daughter, Madeline Wilkins


Olivia is a therapist at TPGH. She was working with Victoria, helping her recover from her multiple personalities. She also coaches a lot of the young staff at the hospital as well. She is married to Preston, and has been for a long time. Their marriage is far from perfect as they seem to be keeping a dark secret that involves Helen Mills. Together they have twins, a boy Reese and a girl Madeline. Reese came out of the closet at the age of 15. She was supportive. The following day though, Madeline disappeared. She has been missing since. Preston and Olivia have searched for her, but have not found her. Everyone believes that she ran away because she could not accept Reese is gay. Patricia West was uncovered to be Olivia’s long lost daughter, Madeline! Olivia started to coach Will Coutts at the hospital, and after years of being rejected by Preston (he blamed Olivia for Madeline’s disappearance) she and Will started an affair. Will ended things when he became interested in another girl: Madeline. On Christmas day, Reese reunited Olivia and Preston with Madeline. Olivia was thrilled.

Madeline revealed the real reason she ran away: she knows her parents were bank robbers! Olivia was further thrown for a loop when she met Madeline’s boyfriend: Will! Olivia and Preston both continued to fear Helen remembering the past, which involves driving away from a bank when they were younger. Olivia began drugging Helen to keep her from remembering her past. Cassie, meanwhile, learned that Olivia and Preston were bank robbers and started to blackmail them into helping her. Olivia continued to be left out by Preston, so she continued her affair with Will. She finally learned that Will was seeing Madeline and told him they couldn't see each other. Meanwhile, Olivia helped Cassie through cramping during her pregnancy. On a stormy night, Olivia and Helen went to the Calimo cabin, where Olivia drugged Helen to induce her labour, then to knock her out. She made a mysterious phone call. Later in the hospital, she told Adam and Helen that their baby died at the cabin. Turns out, Olivia stole Helen's baby and gave her to Cassie. Cassie passed off Dawn Marie as her own. Helen and Adam were devastated by their "loss"; Olivia immediately starting feeling guilt pains over her role, but Preston and Cassie threatened her with the truth. To make up for it, Olivia resumed her affair with Will.

Will realized that he had feelings for Olivia and dumped Madeline. Olivia was torn about her feelings for the younger man. They continued to sleep together behind everyone's back. Olivia and Preston learned of Madeline's past in NYC and were crushed. They forgave her, but Madeline learned about her mother's affair with Will. Madeline confronted them and told them she hated them. Meanwhile, Olivia was struggling with her role in the baby switch and told Cassie she was having guilt pains. Will convienced Olivia to leave Preston and they admitted their love for each other. At the same time, Cassie ordered Olivia to the Calimo cabin with her and Helen so she could confront her guilt head on. Once there, Helen started having memories of the night her baby died. To Cassie's horror, Olivia encouraged Helen to remember. Cassie threatened Olivia, but she called her bluff. Cassie pulled the break cord from Olivia's SUV and took Helen home. Olivia stayed at the cabin to try to get her mind together about how to get out of the baby switch. She was surprised when Preston showed up and confronted her about her affair with Will (Madeline had told him). Olivia admitted it and admitted that she cares for Will. Preston was outraged and demanded that Olivia tell Madeline that she was going to leave him for Will. They drove back to Twin Peaks in a storm and she crashed the SUV. A tree was hit by lightening and crashed onto the SUV. Olivia and Preston were killed.

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