Preston Wilkins

Representation: Rob Lowe
On Series Since: 2009 - 2011
Full Name: Preston Wilkins
Died: 2011
Profession: Lawyer
Martial Status: Married, Olivia Wilkins
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Wife, Olivia Wilkins; Son, Reese Wilkins; Daughter, Madeline Wilkins


Preston is the legal firm's partner. He is Natasha's boss. He is married to Olivia, however their marriage has a dark secret involving Helen's past. With Olivia, they have twins; a boy Reese and a girl Madeline. At the age of 15, Reese came out of the closet. While Preston took it hard, he has accepted his son's homosexuality. The day after Reese came out, Madeline disappeared. He has been searching for her ever since, but he has not found her. Everyone believes Madeline disappeared because Reese came out of the closet. Patricia West was uncovered to be Madeline! On Christmas day, Reese reunited Olivia and Preston with Madeline. Olivia was thrilled.

Madeline revealed the real reason she ran away: she knows her parents were bank robbers! Olivia and Preston both continued to fear Helen remembering the past, which involves driving away from a bank when they were younger. Preston was also hired by ‘Vinny’ (really Brett) to represent Meggan at her trial for killing Noah. Preston represented Meggan at her trial, but she was sentenced to twenty years. Preston, meanwhile, was blackmailed by Cassie as she uncovered his and Olivia's past. He wanted to keep Cassie at arm's length, so he told Olivia to do what Cassie said. Meanwhile, he continued to shut Olivia out as he blamed her for Madeline's disappearance and Cassie learning the truth. He was also a key part in coming up with the idea to steal Helen's baby and give her to Cassie to keep Cassie at bay. He has since tried to reach out to Olivia, who is suffering from guilt pains, only to have her reject him.

Preston and Olivia then learned of Madeline's past in NYC and he was crushed. He finally forgave his daughter. He then represented Chris in his custody battle. At the same time, Madeline learned that Olivia was having an affair with Will. She told Preston right away and he was crushed. He went to the Calimo cabin to confront his wife and they had a fight. He demanded that she explain to Madeline that night that she was leaving him for Will. They drove back to Twin Peaks, but Cassie had cut the breaks from her SUV. They crashed and were killed.

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