Casey Mills

Representation: Justin Timberlake
On Series Since: 2012 - 2013
Full Name: Casey Mills

Died: 2013 Profession: Unknown
Martial Status: Dating, Trenyce Davenport
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Sister, Helen Mills



Casey showed up in Twin Peaks after he learned that his sister Helen had shot her husband Adam. Together, Casey and Helen came up with a secret plan that involved letting Adam believe that Casey, not Helen, shot him that night. They continued to try to get Adam to believe this. Meanwhile, Casey started to date Trenyce as a way to get his mind off his family drama.

Casey continued to play a key role in Helen's master plan. He soon started to worry when Adam's memory was starting to return, so Helen started drugging Adam. Casey dodged numerous questions from Adam about Casey's role in the shooting. It was soon revealed that Helen is really Cassie! Cassie survived her car accident, in which Casey rescused her, and they became alies. She plastic surgery to make herself look like Helen so she could get closer to Shane and Dawn again. The night of the shooting, Adam came home just as Cassie took Helen's place which is why Cassie shot him. She had to place the blame on Casey in case the police ran finger prints. The real Helen is locked in the basement of the Black house. Casey, meanwhile, grew closer with Trenyce. They were soon in love and in each other's bed; Trenyce not realizing how dangerous the man she was with is. Casey was upset with Cassie, however, when Natasha ended up being locked up with Helen. Cassie warned him not to mess with her. Trenyce, meanwhile, was starting to think something was off with Casey and "Helen's" relationship. She started questioning her boyfriend about his relationship with his "sister". Casey dodged the questions and became increasingly upset with her for asking. To try to calm the waters, Casey invited Trenyce to the Calimo cabin for some romance. She agreed. Once there, a snow storm hit. Trenyce asked him again about his family life, and he told her he needed some space. While he was gone, Trenyce looked at his phone - she learned the truth about his role in Natasha and Helen's kidnapping! Casey caught her and realized that he would have to kill her as he couldn't let the plan unravel. Trenyce managed to escape the cabin. She ran through the woods as Casey followed her. In Twin Peaks, Vinny and Andy were worried when Trenyce didn't call Andrew on Thanksgiving. They raced to the cabin and found Casey and Trenyce on the river. The ice broke and they fell into the cold water. A piece of ice hit Casey on the head and he drown. Vinny and Andy saved Trenyce.

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