Andy Spinnes

Representation: Jake Silbermann

On Series Since: 2004 - Present
Full Name: Andy Spinnes
Profession: Editor, Twin Peaks Sun
Martial Status: Estranged, Nicholas; Widower Reese Wilkins; Dating/Living with, Nicholas Young
Previous Relationships: Sex, Clayton Hughes; Ex-Boyfriend, Dr. Craig Benton; Ex-Boyfriend, JC Fernandez Ex-Boyfriend/Affair, Reese Wilkins; Divorced, Trenyce Davenport; Sex, Lukas Richardson
Family Ties: Adopted sister, Kim Reeves



Andy was alone on the docks one night when Victoria was there. She thought he was going to rape her, so she tried to kill him. He survived but became curious as to why her behaviour was so irrational. He realized that she was suffering from multiple personalities. He tried to help her, but she refused to listen. He got Adam and Helen involved. Kim discovered his bruise and took him under her wing. She made plans to adopt him as her brother. At school, he became friends with Trenyce.

They began dating, although he began questioning his sexuality when he met Reese Wilkins at school. Andy and Reese continued to grow closer, sharing several close encounters and even a kiss. After graduation, Andy went to Milwaukee with Reese on a road trip for Reese’s volleyball team. They made love. Once back in Twin Peaks, the two admitted to falling for each other, but started to regret hurting Trenyce. He decided to come out to everyone after the holidays and become a couple with Reese. He continued to lean on his friends Victoria and Madeline. On New Year’s Eve, he told Trenyce that he would always be there for her. Later, she saw him kissing Reese.

Trenyce kept mum about seeing the kiss and asked Andy if he would always be there for her. He said yes. At Andy's coming out dinner party, he was about to announce that he was gay and in love with Reese, when Trenyce announced that she was pregnant ... with Andy's baby! Reese left stunned; hurt, thinking that Andy was using him as an "experiment" Reese dumped Andy. Andy, meanwhile, was livid with Trenyce. She admitted that Chris was the baby's father, but she was too scared to reveal the truth as she believed Chris would try to take the baby away from her. Andy agreed to go along with the scheme to help his friend. After Trenyce's social worker told her that the courts may take her child away from her, she convienced Andy to marry her. They married, but after the ceremony she confessed that she knew about his sexuality and his love for Reese. Horrified that Trenyce played him, Andy left her and went to tell Reese the truth, only he found Reese with another man. Andy kept mum as Trenyce gave birth to a baby boy. After a near death experience, Trenyce told Reese the truth about what had happened. Reese was livid that Andy put Trenyce before him. Andy was desperate to get back together with Reese. Reese attempted to give Andy another chance but soon realized that he was having a difficult time trusting Andy again after all the lies he had told. Reese left town to go to university in California.

Andy decided to focus on his career and he got a promotion at the Sun. He became attracted to a new photographer at the newspaper, a Spanish man named JC Fernandez. The chemistry was there from the get go and they soon started sleeping with each other. Andy told JC he wanted to go slow as he just got out of a relationship, but JC fell hard for Andy fast. Andy, meanwhile, was loving the drama-free aspect of his relationship with JC, which is the total opposite that he experienced with Reese. After Andy took the stand at Trenyce and Chris' custody battle, JC asked Andy to move in with him. Following his heart, Andy agreed. At Preston and Olivia's memorial service, Andy was stunned to see that Reese was back in town. JC was instantly jealous of Reese and Andy's relationship and Andy tried to prove his new loyality to his lover. Reese, however, was still in love with Andy and kissed him. JC, Andy, Reese and Trenyce went to the ski resort for Pride. JC warned Reese to stay away from Andy, which caused Andy to blow up at his boyfriend. Andy went after Reese and the two were trapped in the storage room together during a blackout, where they couldn't resist and had sex. Afterwards, Andy felt guilty and Reese agreed to keep mum. Andy tried to make it up to JC, even though he suspected something was up. Soon after, Andy was shocked to see Reese out on a date with Craig Benton.

Andy recommitted himself to JC but found himself still jealous of Reese's new relationship with Craig. On their anniversary, Andy and JC went out for a nice dinner but Andy walked out when he saw Reese and Craig together. JC confroted Andy and accused him of still being in love with Reese. Andy apologized and vowed to make it work with JC. JC, however, still felt like something was missing. He confronted Reese, who finally admitted the truth about his affair with Andy last November. JC was crushed and decided to leave town. Andy pleaded with him to give him more chance, so JC agreed. JC decided to get revenge on Reese, however, and leaked a story to the Sun about Reese being a home wrecker. Reese confronted Andy and JC, and they claimed innocence. JC finally admitted the truth to a shocked Andy, who walked out on his boyfriend. Andy told JC he can't stand that JC lied about it to him instead of being truthful. Andy and JC officially broke up and JC left town to take on work in LA. In the wake, Andy was surprised when Craig Benton asked him out on a date, claiming he was always more interested in Andy than Reese. Andy was apprehensive, but agreed. On New Years, Reese saw Andy and Craig together and called them out for their new romance.

Andy and Craig continued to see each other. Andy became friends with Donovan, which seemed to spike Craig's jealousy, despite Andy claiming he and Donovan were just friends. Craig couldn't help but think about Andy's last relationship with JC, where Andy cheated. Andy, meanwhile, also supported Kim and her new found marriage to Bob as she felt alone and like no one was happy for her. Craig and Andy continued to grow closer, despite Craig's jealousy issues with Andy's friendship with Donovan. The couple moved in together in Craig's condo. Andy and Donovan also continued to grow closer as friends. When Trenyce went to the Calimo cabin over Thanksgiving with Casey, Andy and Daisy worried about her. Andy and Vinny raced to the cabin as Trenyce was trying to escape Casey's clutches. They saw as Trenyce and Casey fell into the river; Casey died but Andy and Vinny saved Trenyce. Andy was then stunned to learn that Kim had been shot. He stuck by his sister's side.

Andy was relieved when Kim pulled through her gun shot wound. He turned his attention to helping Donovan, who had been arrested for killing Ernesto. Craig continued to feel upset about Andy's relationship with Donovan, even though they were just friends. During the trial, Craig became increasingly upset over Andy's connection to Donovan. Donovan was found guilty; seeing Andy's horrified reaction was too much for Craig. He left and ended up sleeping with Reese in a drunken moment. Andy and Reese soon came face to face and Reese felt bad for sleeping with Craig. Andy, meanwhile, found a condom wrapper in his bedroom with Craig and questioned Craig; he covered with an excuse. Reese's guilt got the best of him, however, and he finally told Andy the truth. Andy walked out on Craig, who tried to explain. Andy turned to Donovan for support, however, soon Andy and Reese were sharing a kiss together. Andy, also, supported Kim when she confessed she cheated on Bob.

In the early year, Andy and Reese reunited despite Reese still having a flu bug. The two made love and vowed to make their relationship work this go around. Andy asked his lover to look into Johnny, as they were both working at Roboto. Andy wanted to get information on the man that Kim was having an affair with. Reese came up with nothing but Andy was shocked when Kim revealed that she was pregnant; he encouraged his sister to come clean with Bob. Andy, meanwhile, was crushed when Reese revealed to him that he has cancer, hence his bug! Andy supported his lover as Reese started chemo and lost some hair. After Reese was told he was in remission, Andy proposed to him. Reese happily accepted. At their engagement party, Reese collapsed. At the hospital, Reese and Andy learned that his cancer was back and worse than before. They were crushed to learn that Reese had 5 weeks to live. Shortly after, Reese fainted again and he was confinded to bed rest. Andy surprised Reese with a bedside wedding and the two got married. Shortly after, Reese died in Andy's arms. Following Reese's death, Andy started to drink heavily causing his friends and family concern.

Andy continued to drink in the New Year, much to the stress of Kim, Donovan, Trenyce and Savannah. Kim discovered Andy passed out in his own vomit and rushed him to the hospital. That wasn't enough of a wake up call, as Andy showed up to Bob's surprise birthday party drunk as well. When leaving, Andy got into a car accident with Victoria. At the hospital, Kim pleaded with Andy to get help with his drinking. Andy continued to think he was fine, despite him still drinking heavily. Finally, Trenyce, Donovan, Kim and Savannah agreed to hold an intervention with Andy at the Calimo cabin. The day of the intervention, Savannah and Andy left before everyone else. A summer storm hit, causing the other three to stay back in Twin Peaks. At the cabin, Savannah was shocked to see that Andy packed whiskey. She pleaded with him to stop drinking but Andy lashed out at her, telling her that his husband died, not hers. To escape, Savannah went for a bubble bath. In a twist of fate, a radio fell into the tub while Savannah was in it and she died. In the morning, Kim, Donovan and Trenyce arrived and found a dead Savannah and a passed out Andy. Andy went to the hospital, where he finally admitted that he had a drinking problem. Andy went to rehab, and when he returned home, he supported Kim with an ill Bob. Andy and Lukas also started to get closer.

Andy and Lukas' friendship grew in the New Year and Lukas told Andy that he should do something special to remember Reese. Andy came up with an idea to host a gala in honor of Reese. Bob agreed to throw the gala at the mansion. Andy was thrilled with the response and how many people arrived. Andy then supported Kim when Bob suffered a minor stroke and when she was working on the facial cream at Roboto. Andy was also key in being a supportive friend to Lukas, Donovan and Craig as Lukas was having a difficult time choosing between the two men. Andy suggested to Donovan and Craig that they be patient with Lukas, but soon Lukas told Andy that he was going to leave town because he couldn't choose. Andy pleaded with him not to run, but Lukas left town. Andy revealed to Donovan and Craig that Lukas left town. Soon after, Andy saw Donovan and Craig share a kiss and he hoped that Lukas wasn't making a mistake. Andy supported Kim in her quest to get back together with Bob. He warned his sister, however, not to have any more lies with Bob. By year's end, Bob was asking Andy if he had seen Kim acting odd. Andy didn't know what to say but he knew he had to get to the bottom of it. Andy was surprised to learn from Craig & Donovan that Lukas was at the winery in Santa Barbara. Shortly after, Lukas returned to town and announced to his friends that he was ready to come out to Frederick. After it didn't go well, Andy supported Lukas. Andy then learned about Frederick's plan to send Trenyce on a goose chase while trying to find her biological child. Andy confronted Frederick on the night he was shot and was questioned by the police.

Bob cornered Andy after New Year's and asked him if he had noticed a difference in Kim. Andy claimed he hadn't, but then asked his sister about her change in mood. Kim covered with her brother. Andy, then, was questioned by Simona Lopez in the death of Frederick. Andy was soon taken off the suspect list, however. He supported Trenyce when Chris was arrested for Frederick's murder. Andy also became a sounding board for Donovan, Craig and Lukas. Andy encouraged Donovan to be honest with Lukas about how sexual his relationship became with Craig. Donovan never got the chance, however. Andy was floored when Lukas was then arrested for killing Frederick once Chris proved his innocence. Soon, the ice storm hit Twin Peaks and Kim was involved in a major car accident. Andy was there for his sister when she went into shoulder surgery. She was fine, but Blake, who was with Kim, was announced braindead. Andy comforted Kim, who refused to believe that Blake was gone. She also told Andy that she blamed herself. Andy then saw Shane and Natasha struggling with Jacob's lung infection; he told Kim that the way to make this situation is to donate Blake's lungs to Jacob. Kim refused. Andy shared his idea with Tyler, who thought it would be a good way to honor Blake. After discussing it together, Kim and Tyler agreed. The transplant occurred and Jacob received Blake's lungs. Andy comforted Kim further, as she was devastated that her son was dead. Andy, also, was at the court house during Lukas' trial. He was shocked when Lukas was found guilty and sentenced to jail for killing Frederick. Andy was asked by Dawn to speak to her family when she came out as a lesbian, but Barbara hadn't taken the news well. Andy told her family that being gay isn't a bad thing and that Dawn has always known. Barbara refused to believe it and convinced Adam and Helen to send Dawn to a bible camp. Andy then lashed out at Barbara when she made a comment about Reese; he advised Barbara to get used to the idea of Dawn being gay. Andy, meanwhile, was worried about Kim when he learned that she was getting back together with Bob. After the fire at the boutique, Andy wondered if his sister started the blaze but she said no. Andy, also, encouraged Lukas to try to forgive Donovan, but he refused. Lukas then kissed Andy, which surprised him but Andy couldn't deny that he was attracted to Lukas. They kissed again, and on New Year's Eve, they had sex.

Andy woke up in Lukas' bed after having sex with him on New Years Eve.Lukas was excited by the idea that they would be a couple after their night together. Andy took Lukas to breakfast and told him that he wasn't ready for any kind of relationship because of Reese. Craig, however, saw them together and assumed that they were together now. Craig told this to Donovan, who was upset as he was hoping he and Lukas would get back together. Andy, then, arranged for a romantic evening between Lukas and Donovan in hopes of them putting their past behind them. It worked; Lukas and Donovan reunited and made love. Andy was then upset to learn that Kim was going to marry Bob again as he didn't want his sister to be hurt again, but she insisted that she loved Bob. They got married. Andy, then, learned that he was going to inherit more money from Reese's will. At the same time, Father Murphy revealed to Andy that he was going to retire and he was worried about the state of St. Joseph's because he put his own money into the church. Andy decided to write some articles about the church for the Sun, and donate a portion of his new found money. Father Murphy was grateful and then introduced Andy to his replacement - Nicholas Young, Robin's half-brother. Andy and Nicholas had an instant attraction and Andy learned that Nicholas' partner died of HIV, which is why he turned to God and the church. Andy and Nicholas continued to grow closer as Andy helped out around St. Joseph's. Eventually, they shared a steamy kiss, which Nicholas immediately told him that it was a mistake and could never happen again because he is a priest. Andy agreed but they both secretly longed for one another. Andy then arranged for Nicholas to speak to Dawn after she lost her baby, and to Craig after he was diagnosed with HIV, since Nicholas' partner died from the disease. Andy supported Kim when Bob got into a car accident, and while praying for Bob, kissed Nicholas again.

Andy continued to struggle with his attraction to Nicholas and they shared a few more kisses, which Nicholas put a stop too. Andy revealed to Lukas and Donovan that he was attracted to someone but that they could never be together. Andy, meanwhile, supported Kim during Bob's medical crisis and then his death. Nicholas told Andy that he got a restoration grant from the city to repair St. Joseph's; Andy agreed to write an article in the Sun to promote it. At the gala, Andy showed up to support his friend. Arch Bishop Murray arrived and was rather cold and cruel to Nicholas, which left him feeling like he wasn't going to be a priest anymore. Nicholas removed his collar and Andy tried to comfort him; they ended up in bed together. Little did Nicholas know, Melissa had convinced the Bishop to forgive Nicholas and they walked in on Andy and Nicholas making love! In the aftermath, the Bishop denounced Nicholas from the church; Nicholas moved into the hotel and told Andy they can't be together anymore. Andy was heartbroken. Andy supported Kim while she went to court as Robbie and Natasha tried to contest Bob's will. He was thrilled when his sister won the case, however. Andy, meanwhile, tried to get Nicholas to open up to him about what he went through following the Gala at St. Joseph's, but Nicholas maintained that they couldn't be together. Andy feared that Nicholas was going into a depression. Following some advice from Craig, Andy went to see Nicholas and saw him with a gun. Fearing that Nicholas was going to hurt himself, Andy convinced him to get therapy. Shortly after, Andy told Nicholas that they should be together now. When Andy didn't hear back from Nicholas, he told Craig that he had to move on his feelings. That same day, Nicholas asked Andy over to his hotel room, where they made love. Andy and Nicholas admitted their feelings and agreed to be a couple. While at Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort for the launch of Gravity, Nicholas was stunned to see Melissa and Phil. Melissa refused to accept the fact that Nicholas was with Andy and vowed to break them up.



Andy was growing impatient with Meggan with her search for Clayton, the man who looks like Reese. Andy admitted to Nicholas that he wanted to find Clayton so he could understand why he looks like his deceased husband. Shortly after, Nicholas and Meggan arrived at Andy's and revealed that they found Clayton at the One Day House, but Nicholas didn't tell Andy because he was worried about how it would impact their future; Andy was stunned that Nicholas kept the truth from him. Nicholas then revealed to Andy that Clayton had disappeared from the One Day House, which meant that Andy might not get the answers he was seeking. Andy was crushed by Nicholas' betrayal and told him that he needed space from him. In the meantime, Andy supported Kim while she tried to marry Robbie. He asked his sister is marrying Robbie was the right thing to do considering their history, but Kim insisted she was ready to marry him. After Kim was shot at the ceremony, Andy worried about her, but it was only a flesh wound. Nicholas tried to plead to Andy to give him another chance, but Andy maintained that he needed space. Shortly after, Andy called Madeline Wilkins to fill her in on Clayton looking like Reese. To his surprise, Madeline showed up on his doorstep so she could help find Clayton! Together, they asked Meggan to find Clayton, who agreed. After a few weeks of no leads, Andy admitted to Madeline he was losing hope. Nicholas then surprised by them by revealing that he uncovered that Melissa told Clayton to run away to Nashville. The three booked it to Nashville, where Madeline fainted when she saw Clayton because of how similar he looks like Reese. When she came too, she convinced Clayton to return to Twin Peaks with them so they could solve the mystery of why he looks like Reese. In Twin Peaks, Andy thanked Nicholas for tracking down Clayton and they shared a kiss, which Clayton saw. Madeline, meanwhile, searched the Wilkins storage locker and found Reese's birth certificate, which showed Frederick Richardson as Olivia's birth doctor. Andy and Madeline wondered if Frederick did something to one of Olivia's children. Shortly after, the learned that Olivia beat Frederick for a top job years ago. Thinking that Frederick wanted revenge, they asked Clayton to do a DNA test with Madeline; he agreed. Andy was floored when the DNA test proved that Clayton was Madeline and Reese's long lost brother.Andy and Madeline were put off by how Clayton was seemingly pushing them away. Clayton, however, was convinced that they were trying to replace Reese with him, which wasn't the case at all. Andy turned to Nicholas for support, who told Andy to give Clayton some space. Andy was put off by how close Nicholas and Clayton seemingly were and freaked out when he saw them share a kiss. Andy confronted Clayton, who revealed he was leaving town so it didn't matter. Andy then asked Nicholas about the kiss and he admitted that they had shared multiple kisses. Devastated, Andy dumped Nicholas. Andy, then, supported Kim while she was going through her miscarriage. Shortly after, Andy saw Clayton and Nicholas on a date. Madeline admitted to Andy that Will convinced Clayton to say in town. Andy confronted Nicholas about the date; Nicholas told him he was free to date whomever since he dumped him. Furious, Andy confronted Clayton and things got heated. They ended up kissing, which turned into sex! In the aftermath, Clayton said that it was wrong but Andy thought it had been building for months. In any event, Andy realized how much worse he made the situation. Madeline then revealed that Nicholas and Clayton were on another date. Andy went to Nicholas' and intercepted the couple fresh from having sex! Andy stunned Nicholas by revealing his own time with Clayton! Shortly after, Clayton got the men together and revealed that he was in love with Nicholas and the sex with Andy was a mistake. Nicholas then announced that he still cared about Andy; Andy admitted the same and they reunited, which left Clayton out in the cold. Andy and Nicholas reunited unaware that Clayton was planning to drop another bombshell on them.

Andy and Nicholas remained bliss as they reunited. They were shocked to learn from Madeline that Clayton left town as he couldn't deal with the reunion. Andy carefully navigated the situation with Madeline, who told him it was just a bad situation for everyone. Andy was then stunned when Melissa returned to town to see Nicholas. She admitted to her son that she didn't want him with Andy, which he overheard. Andy told Melissa to butt out of his relationship. When Nicholas agreed with Andy, Melissa skipped town but Andy thought she was up to something. Andy returned home exhausted one night and found a romantic evening set up for him. Nicholas proposed and Andy accepted! Madeline and Kim celebrated with them. Then, Andy was stunned to see Clayton back in town! Clayton admitted to Andy that Nicholas told him about the engagement and that he still loved Nicholas. Andy revealed all to Nicholas, who vowed that they would be together. Andy was stunned when Clayton returned to town, especially when he admitted that he still loved Clayton. Andy, and Nicholas, both told Clayton that they would be married, despite his return, unaware that Clayton had another trick up his sleeve. On his wedding day to Nicholas, Andy got ready with the support of Madeline and Kim. Andy waited for Nicholas at the altar, but he never showed up! Soon after, Nicholas revealed to Andy that he married Clayton instead! Devastated, Andy thought about drinking but realized that he couldn't get through this drunk. Andy, then, supported Kim after she was shot and he feared that his sister was going to die. Shortly after, Nicholas arrived on Andy's doorstep and told him that his marriage to Clayton was a shame! They made love while they vowed to prove that Clayton isn't who he claimed to be. Clayton filed a lawsuit against Andy and Madeline in hopes of taking all of their money away (he had blackmailed Nicholas into marriage, saying that if he didn't marry him, he would take the Wilkins estate from Madeline and Andy as he found a clause in Olivia & Preston's will). Madeline and Andy were horrified and vowed to stop him as Nicholas ran a DNA test to prove that Clayton isn't a true Wilkins, which is what Melissa told him.

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