Natasha Calimo

Representation: Jessica Simpson
On Series Since: 2002 - Present
Full Name: Natasha Calimo
Profession: Co-CEO of Roboto
Martial Status: Dating, Tyler Robertson
Previous Relationships: Sex,Ryan McQuillian; Divorced, Adam Black; Divorced x2, Cory Calvin; Divorced, Shane Glubbs
Family Ties: Father, Bob Calimo; 'Mother', Sofia Calimo; Brother, Robbie Calimo; Biological Mother, Eva McCloud; Half-Brother, Donovan Moretti; Half-Sister, Victoria Franky; Son, Jacob Calimo; Daughter, Sophie Calvin


Natasha accepted Cory's marriage proposal, despite keeping a secret: she used to be married! Cory discovered and forgave Natasha for not coming clean. Her ex, Adam, returned to town and tried to get her back. She told him that she loved Cory. After a minor accident, Natasha was in the hospital. High on drugs, Adam slept with Natasha. Devastated by her actions, Natasha left the hospital in hopes of confessing to Cory. She accidentally drove her car off the bridge and was presumed dead.

Jason found her and nursed her back to healthy. She slowly started getting her memory back. She went to the Calimo cabin where Shane discovered her. The two grew very close while together at the cabin. Leah found them and Natasha regained her memory. She returned to Twin Peaks to regain her life, only to find Cory having married Robin.

Cory and Natasha were still legally married. While she found herself drawn to Shane, Natasha and Cory reunited. Cory continued to be pulled towards Robin, and a fed up Natasha made love to Shane. She told him it was a mistake.

She and Cory got back together, they agreed to re-new their vows. On the day of her wedding, she and Shane shared a kiss. At the wedding, Natasha was injured again in another accident. She laid in a coma for six weeks. When she awoke, it was Shane -- not Cory by her side. Shane was appointed her physical therapist when she needed to rehabilitate her legs. The two grew closer in this time. Finally, Kim questioned Natasha’s true feelings helping her to realize that she does in fact love Shane. Natasha was then devastated when Dominick told her about his affair with Sofia. On New Year’s Eve, Natasha went to tell Cory she loved him, but called him Shane instead.

To get her marriage back on track, her and Cory agreed to go to the Calimo Cabin to get away from it all. There, Natasha found photos of Cory and Robin making love at the Introspect photoshoot. She was devastated, but her and Cory agreed to end their marriage on good terms and go their separate ways. Natasha immediately went to Shane, and the two got together and even discussed moving into together. Cassie spoiled things by announcing that she was pregnant with Shane's baby! Natasha urged Shane to do the right thing; she dumped him. Cassie, meanwhile, wanted to ensure Natasha and Shane were really over so she arranged for Natasha to see them get married. Natasha, meanwhile, started to befriend Eva McCloud (unaware that Eva is her real mother). Eva comforted Natasha through some of her problems with Shane. Natasha was also upset over Bob and Sofia's news that they were separating, unaware it was a ploy. Eva, once again, comforted Natasha. Nat left Eva's upset and was involved in a minor car accident. She injured her back and she started taking pain killers. On Christmas, she upset Sofia by inviting Eva to the Calimo celebration.

After Robbie was shot, Natasha went to the hospital to visit him. She overheard Eva and Sofia fighting and confronted them; Eva finally told her the truth that she is her mother. Natasha was devastated by the lies her parents told her throughout her entire life. She left and turned to Ryan, who offered her more pain killers for her sore back. Soon though, he had her doing cocaine with him. Kim was devastated when Natasha revealed that she was dating Ryan. She moved into his seedy hotel and the two started to get high and have sex all the time. Her family tried to have an intervention with her and it failed. Sofia stepped in and got Dominick to remove Ryan from her life. It worked. Natasha felt completely alone and continued to drown her sorrows in drugs. She was soon arrested and spent the night in jail. The following day, she went to Bob and Sofia and begged for forgiveness. The family reunited. Natasha told Eva she needed more time before she was ready to make nice with her, leaving Eva crushed. Natasha, meanwhile, was drawn back into Shane. During a blackout, they were trapped together and Natasha admitted that she still loves him and wishes she hadn't pushed him away when Cassie announced her pregnancy. They kissed. Once out, Natasha realized she wanted Shane back. She was shocked when he pushed her away because of his family. At his re-wedding to Cassie, Natasha was horrified to see her mother walk to her car and explode after she opened the door.

In the wake of Sofia's death, Natasha was devastated. She thought that it was her fault since the car that exploded was hers. The police told her that someone may want to have killed her instead. On the morning of the funeral, Natasha grabbed her mother's diary and read it. She was stunned to learn of all of Cassie's lies. She exposed Cassie, who admitted all of the horrible deeds that she had committed. Natasha slapped her before Cassie was arrested. Cassie was presumed dead as she drove her car into the river. Eva reached out to Natasha, but she told her mother she needed more time to get over Sofia's death. Eva was upset but claimed to understand. Natasha went to reach out to her mother, but was put off by Will's presence at her condo. Shane, meanwhile, reached out to Natasha and they reunited and made love. Natasha was clear to him that she wanted to move slowly. She also confided that she didn't understand Eva's relationship with Will. Shane encouraged her to make nice with Eva, so Natasha did. They went for lunch together. Natasha was then shocked when it was revealed that Kim and Bob had become lovers. Natasha slapped her best friend for her betrayal as she couldn't understand her relationship with her father. Bob asked Natasha to understand, but she refused. Meanwhile, Natasha and Shane became engaged. Natasha asked Helen to be her maid of honor, she accepted. Kim tried to reach out to Natasha, but she was rejected. Natasha was horrified to learn of Bob and Kim's engagement. Meanwhile, Natasha told Eva she was glad that Eva didn't have anymore secrets from her.

Natasha was livid with Kim and Bob for their engagement. She told Shane that she would never accept them as a couple. Natasha was then stunned to learn that she had a half brother, Donovan, and a half sister, Victoria. She confronted Eva about her lies. Eva ended up stopping Natasha from being able to break up Kim and Bob's plans to elope. Shane, meanwhile, was kissed by Helen. He told Natasha, who raced over to confront her maid of honour. Turns out, Helen is really Cassie! Cassie had survived her car accident and had surgery to make herself look like Helen in order to get closer to Shane and Dawn. Cassie knocked Natasha out and locked her in the cage with the real Helen in the basement of the Black house. Everyone thought Natasha's disappearance was odd. Cassie forced Natasha to write Shane a letter explaining to him that she had to leave town because she was close to returning to the drugs because of Kim and Bob's marriage. Shane got the letter and still thought that Nat's disapperance was odd. Natasha and Helen, meanwhile, planned to use Casey as a way to escape. Kim, however, was the one to find Natasha and Helen in the basement! Cassie arrived with a gun and the two women fought. The gun went off twice, both Kim and Cassie were shot! Natasha and Helen were saved and reunited with their loved ones. Natasha went to Bob and tearfully told him that she didn't want her best friend to die. They rejoyced on Christmas Day when Kim opened her eyes. On New Year's Eve, Shane surprised Natasha with a wedding. The couple finally got to say "I do", unaware that Cassie was plotting revenge on them.

Cassie lied to Natasha claiming that Shane was the father of her unborn baby. A crushed Natasha confronted her new husband, who was floored that Natasha was believing Cassie over him. When Adam suggested a paternity test, Natasha was happy to finally learn the truth: Adam was the father of the baby. Natasha, meanwhile, also represented Donovan in his murder trial. To her dismay, Donovan was still found guilty. Just as he was about to receive the death penalty, Victoria and Robbie saved the day by proving his innocence. Natasha was relieved. Natasha then agreed to help Adam and Helen obtain custody of Cassie's unborn child. They served Cassie with the papers and she was livid. Natasha went to the hospital to visit Cassie, but instead found Helen knocked out on the floor. Helen admitted that she and Cassie argued and Cassie went into labour but she disappeared after knocking Helen out. Natasha secretly worried that Cassie had kidnapped Helen again and was posing as Helen; a DNA test proved that Helen was really herself. In the wake of Cassie's disappearance, Natasha feared that the woman would come back and haunt her as a manhunt began for Cassie.

Shane surprised Natasha by giving a court order to Cassie: she had 30 days to reveal herself or her marriage to Shane would be annulled. Natasha was thrilled and accepted Shane's proposal. Soon, Shane was also thinking of stepping up and taking over the Chief of Staff position at the hospital. Shane and Natasha got married in a lavish ceremony and soon after, Natasha discovered that she was pregnant! She kept the truth from Shane, however, as she wondered if the timing of a baby was good as Shane wanted the COS job and he may not have time for a newborn. She decided to have an abortion. Shane, meanwhile, learned the truth and raced to stop Natasha. He stopped her in time and vowed that they would make a baby work. Natasha was relieved but still wondered if Shane would be able to have both: a career and a being a father. The couple continued to disagree about it. During one of their fights, Natasha went into premature labour! Baby Jacob was born but his lungs were not fully developed yet so he remained in ICU. The couple stayed together but Natasha was livid that despite their son being ill, Shane still insisted on moving forward with the COS job. Natasha started to lean on Adam, who was having his own material problems. On the night of the hospital gala, the two gave into their feelings and had sex on Shane's desk, unaware that Dawn had spotted them together. Afterwards, they agreed that it was a mistake but they started to sense distance from Dawn. Natasha also started to have some dizzy spells.

Natasha continued to feel dizzy in the new year; she chalked it up to be stressed with Jacob. She took Jacob for a medical check up and had Dawn be her candy striper. To get revenge on Natasha for sleeping with Adam, Dawn withheld Jacob's medication. Shane and Natasha were devastated when Jacob relapsed. He turned out to be okay and Natasha, soon, overheard Dawn admit what she did to Paige. Shocked, Natasha confronted Dawn, whom then admitted she knew about Natasha's affair with Adam. Dawn pushed Natasha down a flight of stairs as the fight escalated. In the hospital afterwards, Victoria revealed to Natasha that she suffered a miscarriage. Natasha was devastated as she realized she lost Adam's baby. She confessed all to Adam and became depressed around baby Jacob, which Shane picked up on. Natasha didn't tell Shane the reason, however, because she didn't want him to learn the truth about the affair with Adam. Shane, though, got more and more worried. As Natasha's memory of the night of fall came back to her, she confronted Dawn again. Dawn blackmailed her into silence, threatening to Shane the truth about the affair if Natasha revealed Dawn pushed her. Shane, meanwhile, grew frustrated of Natasha not being around Jacob because of her grief for the baby she lost. He told her that he was tired of her not being honest with him, but Natasha continued to cover. On the night of the summer storm, Barbara revealed that she overheard Adam and Natasha talking about their affair! Helen was devastated when Adam admitted it was true and she slapped Natasha. Natasha then learned that Shane had been in a car accident; she raced to the hospital to see her husband. When he awoke, Shane asked Natasha if she had slept with Adam (he read her medical file) and she admitted she did. He asked her to leave. Natasha then confronted Dawn; Adam overheard and learned of Dawn's blackmail. Dawn slapped Natasha. Natasha tried to reach out to Shane, but he told her that he was going to leave her because he couldn't trust her anymore.

Natasha started the year asking Shane to forgive her for her affair with Adam. She then learned that the hospital was investigating how Shane learned about her miscarriage the previous year; Natasha told Shane that she would support him during the investigation, as she knew that he had read her medical file. Shane thanked her and finally agreed to try to work on their marriage. They agreed to go to the cabin for a couple days after Andy's gala for Reese. At the gala, Shane saw Adam and Natasha share a moment and fumed. She convinced him that they can talk about the relationship at the cabin. Bob suffered a stroke at the gala, which caused Natasha to be late arriving at the cabin. The next day, when she arrived she saw Shane and Paige in bed together! She confronted them about what happened: Shane claimed that he couldn't remember but Paige admitted that they had slept together. Natasha was devastated and walked out. Natasha revealed what she saw to Robbie & Jeff; Robbie arrested Shane for statutory rape. Natasha visited her husband and asked him what really happened; he continued to admit that he couldn't remember because of the drinking. The day of the trial, however, Shane overheard Natasha admit to Robbie that she thinks Shane slept with Paige. Natasha admitted that she believed her husband was guilty on the witness stand. After Paige revealed that she had lied, Natasha tried to make it up to Shane, who threw her out, telling Natasha that he didn't have trust in her anymore because of the affair and her lack of belief in him. Natasha was devastated when Shane filed for divorce – again. They signed the papers and Natasha and Cory started to grow closer again. Shane then laid a shocker on Natasha: Cassie Nova was his court-appointed therapist! Shane revealed to Natasha that his court-appointed therapist is Cassie. Natasha was horrified that Cassie was back in their lives. She confronted Cassie, who claimed to be a changed woman. Natasha didn't believe her. Natasha asked Robbie to have Cassie arrested but the limitation had run out, so Cassie was a free woman. Natasha refused to let the woman ruin her life again. Natasha pleaded with Shane to listen to her, but Cassie had told Shane that leaving Natasha was the right thing to do in therapy. Shane presented Natasha with divorce papers. Natasha fumed. She did, however, grow closer to Cory again as they were both going through issues in their marriage's. Natasha finally signed the divorce papers and told Shane she wishes things would have been different. Shortly after, Cory and Natasha ended up in bed. Shane saw them on New Year's Eve and kissed a surprised Cassie.

Natasha confessed to Cory that she was upset by seeing Cassie and Shane kiss on New Year's Eve. Cory encouraged her to not get involved. Natasha tried, but she soon found herself confronting her ex-husband, who also told her to butt out. After witnessing another close moment between Cassie and Shane, Natasha confronted them and called them out. Shane left the two women alone, and Cassie walked away from Natasha's outburst. Natasha went after Cassie, but slipped on some ice. At the hospital, Natasha admitted that it wasn't Cassie's fault that she fell. She was devastated, however, to learn that she couldn't have any more children as a result of her fall. Eva, Bob and Cory all supported her. In the aftermath, Cory proposed to Natasha and she said yes. One night, Cassie and Shane were having a romantic dinner, when they noticed that Jacob wasn't breathing properly. Cassie notified Natasha, who rushed to the hospital. Once there, Natasha and Shane learned that Jacob had a lung infection that had taken over his right lung and was slowly moving to his left. Craig informed them that without a lung transplant, Jacob would die. Natasha and Shane were devastated as they watched their son helplessly in the hospital. They tried to stay positive, but they knew that time was running out. The ice storm then hit Twin Peaks. Natasha was horrified to learn of Kim's car accident, that left Blake brain dead. Natasha and Shane, however, decided that they would take Jacob off life support so he could die with dignity, since they didn't believe they would find a donor. Just as Craig was about to remove the support, Kim and Tyler announced that they would donate Blake's lungs to Jacob. Natasha was overwhelmed with emotion. The transplant was successful: Jacob received Blake's lungs. Shane and Natasha supported Kim to the best of their ability. Shortly after, Craig informed the parents that Jacob was doing better but he should be transferred to a rehabilitation center in New York. Natasha had her fears of travelling with Jacob so soon after the transplant, but Cory convinced her to go. Natasha told Shane that they should go together, he agreed. In New York, Shane and Natasha almost kissed after learning that Jacob was doing better but they stopped themselves. They then learned that Jacob was doing well enough that they didn't need to be at the rehabilitation center any longer, so Shane and Natasha went back to Twin Peaks. Once home, Cory asked Natasha if anything happened between her and Shane. She said no and was stunned to learn that Cassie had been planting seeds of doubt in his mind. Natasha wondered what Cassie was up too and then wondered if Cassie was using Shane. Cory pleaded with her to let it go. Cory and Natasha, then, remarried in a simple ceremony. Afterwards, Cory revealed to Natasha that he wanted to have a baby with her and he went ahead and put them on the adoption wait list. Natasha was thrilled, but he warned her that it might take some time until a baby became available.

Natasha was hellbent on proving that Cassie was using Shane to get back at her, despite Cory pleading with her to let it go. Natasha confronted Cassie, however, and got her to admit on tape that she was using Shane. At Shane's birthday party, Natasha exposed Cassie! Shane dumped Cassie and thanked Natasha. Cory, meanwhile, was livid with his wife and told her that he was having second thoughts about adopting a baby with her. Natasha got him to forgive her and they agreed to move on. Natasha, then, was upset to learn that Bob was going to remarry Kim and pleaded with her father to reconsider. He married Kim anyways. Natasha then saw Robbie kissing Cassie and was horrified; she accused Cassie of using Robbie the same way she used Shane. Natasha and Cory, meanwhile, learned that there was a pregnant girl in Twin Peaks that wanted to give her child up for adoption and they immediately got their hopes up that they could have the baby they wanted. They soon learned that Dawn was the mother; when Dawn realized that Natasha was the interested adoptive parent, she refused to give up her baby to Natasha because of Natasha's affair with Adam. Natasha begged Dawn to reconsider, but Dawn refused. Soon after, Natasha told Dawn that even if she didn't get her baby, she wanted to put the past behind her. After offering Dawn some of Jacob's old clothing, Natasha realized that Dawn was warming up to her. Barbara, meanwhile, continue to go off the deep end as she struggled with killing Jonah. She, like Dawn, refused to want her grandchild to be raised by Natasha but when Dawn was seemingly coming around to giving her child to Natasha, Barbara snapped and shot both Dawn and Natasha! Luckily, Natasha wasn't seriously injured but she did learn that she was 8 weeks pregnant, which is a miracle considering she was told she couldn't have children. Cory and Natasha rejoiced while Dawn lost her baby. Natasha then tried to convince Cory to sell Wild Night to Bob so he could be there for her and the baby; he said no. Natasha continued to pressure Cory into selling Wild Night to Bob, as she believed that him managing a night club would interfere with him being a father to their unborn child, but he refused. Natasha, then, became worried when she didn't hear back from Jacob in a while. Shane told her that he was fine, but he too was worried about their son. Shortly after, Natasha got a text message from Jacob telling her that he was engaged! The news sent Natasha into labour. At the hospital, Cory worried when Natasha had to have a c-section, but she and the baby were fine. Natasha had a baby girl, and named her Sophie, after Sofia. Cory rejoiced with her. Shortly after, Natasha and Robbie saw Kim and Bob fighting and worried that Kim was going to hurt her father again. Natasha and Shane were then floored when Jacob returned home! Bob was then in a serious car accident and fell into a coma. With Robbie, Natasha blamed Kim for Bob's injuries. Natasha pressed Jacob to reveal who he was engaged too, and on Christmas Day, Jacob revealed his fiancé: Cassie Nova!

Natasha was horrified to learn that Jacob was engaged to Cassie Nova. She and Shane told their son to end his relationship, but Jacob insisted that he and Cassie were happy together. Natasha leaned on Cory, who agreed to talk to Jacob on her behalf. When Cory spoke to Jacob, he told him that he was happy and that he wanted his parents to trust him. Cory relayed this to Natasha, who refused to accept the relationship. She vowed to make sure the wedding didn't happen. Natasha, meanwhile, was consumed with worry as Bob was fighting for his life following the car accident. She and Robbie continued to blame Kim for Bob's injuries and also protested when Simona and Dominick tried to get an arrest warrant for Bob starting the fire at the boutique. Kim was alone when Bob awoke and she revealed to everyone that Bob claimed he started the fire. Natasha and Robbie refused to believe it. Unfortunately, this resulted in Simona obtaining a warrant for Bob's arrest when he awoke. Bob then passed away, leaving Natasha, Robbie and Kim devastated. At the service, Felicia showed up and announced that Bob got exactly what he deserved. At the reading of the will, Kim was left with 1/3 of Bob's money, a job for life at Roboto and the entire Calimo estate. Natasha and Robbie were furious and agreed to contest the will, which they were told could turn ugly. Cory, meanwhile, pleaded with Natasha to end this feud as it was just ruining the family but she refused, which caused tension between the two of them. Robbie and Natasha took Kim to court to contest Bob's will as they were livid that their father left her with so much. They both still believed Kim was having an affair with Greg and caused Bob's accident. Cory pleaded with his wife to drop the case to no avail. In court, Kim brought up Natasha's sorted past; Natasha was livid. Natasha and Robbie, then, brought Kim's past up. Meanwhile, Natasha continued to Shane that they would have to stop Jacob from marrying Cassie. Natasha tried to get her son to see the woman that Cassie was. Cory, again, told Natasha that she was going too far and that she should be trying to keep her family together instead of driving them apart. Back in court, the Judge announced he had made his decision but Kim stopped him and revealed that Robbie was having an affair with Brooke! Natasha was horrified that Kim exposed Robbie that way, unaware Cory had told Kim of the affair. Kim won the case, leaving Robbie and Natasha miffed. Jacob, meanwhile, told his parents that he was going to marry Cassie. The day of the wedding, Shane told Nat that he wanted to be there for Jacob, so they raced the to the church. They stopped the wedding and told Jacob that they wanted to be there for his wedding. Jacob stunned Shane and Natasha by revealing that he had been using Cassie to get back at her for all the horrible things that she put them through over the years. Cassie was crushed. Natasha and Shane were pleased. Cory was horrified that Jacob was following in Natasha's poor behavior. Shortly after, Natasha learned that Cory told Kim about Robbie's affair with Brooke and she slapped him. Cory walked out on his wife and soon told her he wanted a divorce. On Christmas, Natasha saw a close moment between Cory and Sophie and realized that she does still love her husband. At Roboto, meanwhile, Natasha was livid when Kim hired Cassie. They clashed at work, especially when Natasha wanted to do a press conference slamming Robertson Enterprises after there was an avalanche following the release of their winter/ski line. Kim told Natasha that she and Cassie were working on something special for Roboto.

Natasha was desperate to make her marriage to Cory work, but he continued to push her away as he couldn't forgive the fact that she slapped him last fall. Cory soon delivered Natasha with divorce papers. Natasha was unnerved by his new found closeness with Leah and eventually Jeff told her that Cory and Leah were sleeping together. Natasha told Robbie and the two confronted Leah and Cory, who admitted their affair. Natasha was disgusted and agreed to give Cory his divorce but threatened to keep Sophie away from him. Natasha, meanwhile, was upset with Jacob for getting a job at Robertson Enterprises instead of Roboto but he wanted to prove himself outside of the family. Natasha was further upset with her son when he started dating Paige, a family member of the Robertson's. Jacob told his mother to butt out. At Roboto, Natasha worked with Robbie, Kim and Cassie on anti-aging serum "Youth", unaware Cassie was spilling company secrets to Dominick. Natasha was put off when Kim suggested they use Will to create chaos in Dominick's personal life as she was concerned that her mother, Eva, would get caught in the crossfire. At the launch, Dominick stunned the Roboto gang by announcing Robertson Enterprises had beaten Roboto to the shelves with an identical product. Natasha accused Cassie of hurting Roboto but she covered. Livid with Dominick, Natasha went looking for him to get answers and she ended up on Tyler's doorstep. They ended up having passionate sex with one another! Natasha and Tyler continued their affair as she worried about how their families would feel if they went public. Both of them, however, started to have feelings for one another. Tyler and Natasha, then, learned that Daisy was alive. Natasha stepped aside so Tyler and Daisy could be together again. Tyler, however, couldn’t get Natasha out of his mind and they ended up having sex again. Natasha told Tyler that she wouldn’t be his side piece and told him they were over until he made up his mind. At Roboto, meanwhile, Natasha was furious with Kim for hiring Will to seduce Eva as she was concerned about her mother. Robbie and Kim were thrilled when the plan worked and Eva slept with the younger man. Natasha warned the Roboto gang not to leak the affair, but Cassie did anyways which caused Eva and Dominick’s marriage to implode. Cassie then stunned Eva by revealing that Natasha knew about Kim’s plan the entire time! Eva lashed out at Natasha and threw her out of her life. Natasha pleaded with her mother to give her another chance but Eva refused. Meanwhile, Kim realized that millions of Roboto’s money was missing. Robbie and Natasha wondered who stole it but they soon realized it was Cassie, as Dominick also had money missing from Robertson Enterprises. Shortly after, Cassie tried to kill Jacob and Paige but they survived. Natasha threw them a welcome home party, which Eva attended and seemingly made amends with Natasha. Robbie and Kim, meanwhile, grew closer and Robbie admitted to Natasha he was thinking of proposing to her. Natasha was furious and told Robbie not too considering their history. On Christmas, however, Robbie asked Kim to be his wife and she accepted. Shortly after, Tyler told Natasha he and Daisy ended their relationship and they kissed again. Kim saw the two of them together on New Year’s Eve and called Natasha a hypocrite.


Natasha and Tyler continued to sleep together despite Kim finding out about their romance on New Year's Eve. They worried about their family's reaction and planned a family dinner to tell everyone once they were ready to come public with it. As expected, Dominick was furious with his son. Jacob and Robbie were livid with Natasha as they believed she was being hypocritical since she was against Jacob dating Paige and Robbie's relationship with Kim. Natasha was happy when Eva supported her, which helped mend their relationship. Natasha, meanwhile, was furious when Simona announced that Max's inheritance from Cassie was legitimate as she believed that he received the stolen money from Roboto. She warned him that she would uncover the truth. Meanwhile, Natasha was also urging Robbie not to marry Kim but he told her that he was in love with her. Natasha told Tyler that she had to stop the wedding. Alone, she found one of Bob's handguns and realized if she scared Kim and Robbie, maybe they would realize that getting married was not the best decision. She removed the bullets and put blanks in the gun, not realizing that Sophie had overheard and Robbie talking. On the day of the wedding, Sophie found her mother's gun and put real bullets back in. Natasha stopped the wedding and pulled a gun on Kim! A catfight broke out and the gun went off, shooting Kim! Luckily, it was only a flesh wound. Robbie and Kim agreed to not press charges against Natasha if she agreed to support their union. Natasha agreed and was later surprised to hear that Robbie and Kim got married once she was released from jail. Natasha was then horrified when Eva was killed by the Rose Peddle killer. She leaned on her family and Tyler during her grief. Dominick told Tyler to be happy once she died and he got the CEO job at Robertson, leaving Natasha realizing that they were working against each other. Natasha worked with Kim and Robbie on a new campaign at Roboto. They all agreed that they should offer the lead model job to Cheresa, who interviewed for the position. They loved her and offered her a job. Natasha realized that Tyler and Robertson Enterprises also offered Cheresa the job. The couple tried to remain civil with each other despite competing against one another. Things got tense, however, when Cheresa decided to side with Robertson over Roboto, still the couple tried to keep their personal life separate from business. Natasha and Kim, then, worried about Robbie's reaction to wanting to get revenge on Tyler for "stealing" Cheresa from them. She warned her brother not to do anything drastic, but soon Cheresa was receiving odd fan letters after her campaign at Robertson was a huge success. Natasha, then, learned that Kim was pregnant with Robbie's baby and tried to act supportive. She was shocked, however, when Robbie confessed that he hired a woman, Tara, to scare Cheresa and Tara had kidnapped the young model! Natasha, Kim and Robbie tried to figure out where Tara had taken Cheresa. Greg showed up and realized what happened to his daughter. Kim then realized where Cheresa was and they raced off to save her. In the aftermath, Kim miscarried and Natasha comforted her. Natasha and Tyler squabbled after Cheresa was saved as Tyler was pissed that Cheresa quit modelling and he blamed Robbie. Natasha defended her brother. Natasha and Shane, meanwhile, were stunned when Cassie returned to town and claimed that she gave birth to Jacob's son. He agreed to drop the charges against Cassie so he could meet his son. Natasha refused to believe that Cassie was telling the truth but when she met baby Carter, she did think he looked like Jacob did as a baby. Natasha still hoped that the DNA test would prove that Jacob wasn't the father.

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