Ernesto Moretti

Representation: Denzel Washington
On Series Since: 2012 - 2013
Full Name: Ernesto Moretti

Died: 2013 Profession: Unknown
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Ex-Wife, Eva McCloud
Family Ties: Ex-Wife, Eva McCloud; Son, Donovan Moretti; Daughter, Marbella Moretti aka Victoria Franky



Erneso returned to Twin Peaks in 2012 and began stalking his daughter Victoria and his ex-wife Eva. On New Years Eve, he revealed himself to the two of them and his son Donovan, dropping the secret that Eva is the mother of his children! Ernesto is the man that sexually abused Victoria as a child and physically abused Eva.

Ernesto was briefly arrested after he revealed that Eva is Donovan and Victoria's mother. He was released on the stalking charges. He learned that Donovan was gay and called him horrible names because of it. He worked with his right hand man, Jonas, to create some havoc on his families lives. Victoria was attacked but there was no proof connecting Ernesto to the attack. Eva and Robbie questioned Ernesto about the attack, but he covered. Eva warned him not to mess with her or her family again. Ernesto laughed at her claiming he knew more of her secrets. Will proposed to Eva, which Ernesto interrupted. He revealed that he and Eva were still legally married! Will was crushed by more of Eva's lies. Shortly after, Eva was attacked. Donovan believed it was his father, but Ernesto again proved innocent. Ernesto also continued to call Donovan a "fag". Shortly after, Victoria and Robbie> got a video from the church on the day of her attack: it showed that Jonas as the attacker! Victoria was attacked again - when she awoke, Ernesto was dead on the pier! Victoria was arrested but released for the murder. On Christmas Day, however, Donovan was arrested for killing his father.

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