Donovan Moretti

Representation: Peter Porte
On Series Since: 2012 - Present
Full Name: Donovan Moretti
Profession: Business Man / Web Designer at Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: Estranged,Lukas Richardson
Previous Relationships: Sex, Dr. Craig Benton
Family Ties: Half-sister, Natasha Calimo; Sister, Victoria; Mother, Eva McCloud; Father, Ernesto Moretti



Donovan comes to town after Dominick hires him to work for his company. While in town, he happens to realize that his sister Victoria is also in Twin Peaks. He revealed that Victoria's real name is Marbella Moretti; she changed it after she ran away from home years ago in Italy. Victoria ran away because their father was sexually abusing her. Donovan and Victoria started to reconnect, but she was worried that if Donovan found her, it would mean that her father found her. He promised her that he had no ties to their father. Soon, however, Victoria started to get creepy notes in the mail. After she got a threatening voicemail, Donovan pressed her to go to the police as they feared their father had found her. Donovan teased his sister when she became attracted to her police security guard, Robbie. Donovan admitted to Victoria that he is gay but he doesn't want a relationship. Meanwhile, Donovan also helped launch the Blooming Rose at Robertson Enterprises. Trenyce became attracted to him and she was thrilled when he asked her out to celebrate the launch. She assumed it was a date, but he soon revealed his sexuality to her as well. They agreed to be friends. On New Years Eve, Victoria and Donovan were stunned to see their father, Ernesto, back in town. Ernesto dropped a bombshell on them: Eva is their mother!

Donovan was horrified at Ernesto's claim that Eva was his and Victoria's mother. Eva backed up the story and revealed that she faked her death to get away from the abuse of Ernesto. She had wanted to take her children with her but her plan went wrong and she had to leave without them. Donovan and Victoria refused her apology as they were left alone with their monster father. Donovan also strugged with having a half sister in Natasha. Ernesto, meanwhile, learned that Donovan was gay and was not very accepting of him. Donovan was horrified when Victoria was attacked; his family was sure that Ernesto was behind the attack but they had no proof. Donovan started to see a softer side to Eva during Victoria's ordeal. Donovan, meanwhile, grew closer to Andy and they became good friends. Craig continued to be jealous of Donovan's friendship with Andy, despite the couple moving in together. Eva, meanwhile, was attacked and Donovan was positive Ernesto was behind the attacks. He went to confront his father, but Ernesto got the last laugh when he revealed to Donovan that he knew his son was gay. Ernesto called his son a "fag", which left Donovan crushed. Shortly after, Victoria was attacked again. When Victoria awoke, Ernesto was dead! It was revealed that Ernesto had been poisoned. Victoria was arrested but quickly released. On Christmas Day, Donovan was arrested for his father's murder.

Donovan stayed in jail until his trial for killing Ernesto began. He feared that he would go to jail for a crime he didn't commit. Natasha agreed to represent Donovan. Donovan, however, began to lose faith despite Eva telling him that everything would work out alright. During the trial, Donovan listened as the evidence built up against him. He took the stand and vowed that he was innocent; it didn't work: Donovan was found guilty of murder! The Judge determined that Donovan would receive the death penalty. Victoria and Robbie, meanwhile, were in Italy trying to prove Donovan's innocence. They realized that it was Jonas that killed Ernesto! They raced back to Twin Peaks and just as Donovan was about to receive the lethal injection, they burst in a stopped the procedure! Donovan was still rushed to the hospital. Donovan was saved and thanked Victoria, Robbie and Eva for helping save him. Donovan supported Trenyce during the revealation that Trenyce isn't Andrew's biological mother and also supported Andy after he learned that Craig cheated on him.

2015 Donovan was stunned when Craig asked him out in the new year. After everything that happened between Andy and Craig, Donovan said no. Donovan, meanwhile, confided in Victoria that he was hurt in a past relationship, which is why he is nervous to start something new. Craig, however, continued to flirt with Donovan. Donovan also supported Andy and Reese when Reese learned that he had cancer. Donovan was crushed when Reese died of his cancer and tried to support Andy through the difficult time. He grew concerned when Andy started drinking heavily in the wake of Reese's passing. Donovan, meanwhile, agreed to help plan the hospital gala and was paired again with Craig to make it happen. The two men continued to flirt together, despite Craig indicating that he had a new boyfriend. On the night of the gala, Donovan was shocked to meet Craig's new boyfriend, Lukas, who was Donovan's love in Europe!

Donovan and Lukas continued to catch up from their past times as Donovan encouraged his ex not to make the same mistakes he did when they were together. Craig spotted them together and asked Donovan to butt out of their relationship. Donovan told Craig he wasn't involved, but continued to be pulled in. Soon, Craig was confiding in Donovan how difficult it is being with a guy who isn't openly out. Donovan told Craig to give Lukas a chance. Donovan, Trenyce, Kim and Savannah then agreed to hold an intervention for Andy, whose drinking was getting out of control. On the day of the intervention, a storm hit and Donovan was trapped with Lukas in an elevator. The exes chatted and ended up sharing a kiss. The morning after, Donovan went to the cabin with the women and they were shocked to find Savannah dead and Andy passed out. At the hospital, Andy admitted he was a drunk. Craig, meanwhile, wasn't thrilled to learn that Lukas and Donovan were together during the storm. He told Lukas that he had to choose between them; Lukas admitted he was torn because he loved both men. Craig was upset and kissed Donovan on New Year's, telling him he didn't want to wait for Lukas to make up his mind.

Donovan was unnerved by Lukas proclaiming he didn't know who he wanted to be with. He leaned on Victoria and Eva while Lukas was making up his mind. Craig, however, told Donovan that they shouldn't wait for Lukas to make up his mind. Donovan was still longing for his ex-lover, however. Donovan encouraged Lukas to come out to Frederick, even though he knew that Lukas was having a difficult time thinking of that. After sharing a close moment with Donovan, Lukas left town. Craig told Donovan that nothing was stopping them from being together now and they shared a kiss.With Lukas out of Twin Peaks, Donovan agreed to go on a date with Craig. They ended up having a good time and ended up in bed. Andy was happy for his friend when Donovan told him that he was seeing Craig. The couple travelled to Santa Barbara for the double wedding; they were shocked to see Lukas there. Lukas told them he came to the winery to think about his life. Craig urged him to come out, but Donovan took Lukas' side if he wasnít ready. Craig was miffed. Back in Twin Peaks, Lukas surprised Donovan by returning to town. He told Donovan, Andy, Meggan and Craig that he would come out to Frederick. Frederick didn't take the news well and threatened to disinherit Lukas. Donovan was floored and confronted Frederick about his actions on the night he was shot; Donovan was questioned by the police. Donovan wondered to Craig what would happen now that Lukas was out. On New Year's Eve, Lukas told Donovan that he loved him, and wanted him back.

Donovan worried that Lukas, who he was close to reuniting with, would be upset if he learned that he and Craig had sex while they were together. He was then questioned by Simona Lopez in Frederick's murder case, however, he was dropped as suspect when he admitted that the night Frederick was shot, he was in bed with Craig. Craig backed up his story. Donovan asked Craig not to say anything to Lukas about them being together. Craig didn't like lying, but agreed to keep mum. Andy, meanwhile, told Donovan to tell Lukas the truth. Shortly after, Donovan and Lukas reunited and made love. Donovan was horrified, however, when Lukas was arrested for killing Frederick. Donovan vowed to help his boyfriend prove his innocence. However, at the trial, Donovan took the stand and was forced to admit that he was removed a suspect because he was in bed with Craig. Lukas was left reeling. The trial, also, brought up old memories of his own ordeal for being convicted of killing Ernesto. Donovan was horrified when Lukas was found guilty. Donovan visited his boyfriend, who remained cold to him for not telling him about his relationship with Craig. Donovan worried about Lukas' safety in jail after he learned that he was attacked. Donovan told Craig and Andy that he had to help his boyfriend get out of jail before something serious happened to him. Craig, however, kissed Donovan and told him that they could be together. Donovan told him that he still cared for Lukas. Donovan then went to the hospital and learned that Vinny had found clothing in Jemma's hotel room. He pressed Daisy to get the clothing tested; they then learned that Jemma had killed Frederick. Donovan was thrilled when Lukas was released from jail, just before he was about to be raped by another inmate. Trenyce, meanwhile, confided in her friend that she had feelings for Chris. Donovan encouraged her to come clean with Chris as it could have changed her future. Lukas, meanwhile, dumped Donovan as he was upset with him for revealing that he and Craig had been lovers on the witness stand at the trial. Lukas couldn't get over the embarrassment he felt. Donovan pleaded with him but he finally realized that Lukas wasn't going to forgive him. After Craig told Donovan that Lukas and Andy had kissed, Donovan and Craig ended up in bed together.

Donovan and Lukas bickered about Victoria misdiagnosing Craig with HIV as Lukas wanted Victoria to pay but Donovan believed that his sister was innocent. Donovan and Eva continued to reach out to Victoria to see if she was okay, but Brandy, Victoria's alter, continued to fool them. Shane finally told them that he suspected that her egos were back. Eva was skeptical, but Donovan told her that it would make sense. They agreed to take Victoria to the Calimo cabin as an intervention; when the three of them arrived they saw Victoria with a gun on Brett, who had gotten out of jail. Brandy announced that she was back in control and then, accidently, shot herself. Donovan, Eva and Shane rushed her to the hospital, where Victoria fell into a coma. Donovan and Lukas tried to get closer but Lukas claimed Victoria was getting what she deserved. To prove that things were going to get better, Donovan thought about proposing to Lukas and bought an engagement ring. Andy was happy for his friend. Donovan planned a romantic evening for him and Lukas. Lukas was late to the evening which hurt Donovan as he was going to propose. When Lukas arrived, Donovan popped the question to him. Lukas was shocked and said no which left Donovan devastated. Shortly after, Nicholas met up with Donovan and took him to the park, where they met Lukas who had rented a hot air balloon. Donovan was skeptical about going on the ride with Lukas but agreed. In the balloon, Lukas told Donovan he caught him off guard with the proposal; Lukas proposed to Donovan, who accepted. They planned their wedding. Donovan, then, welcomed Victoria home from the hospital, which caused concern for Lukas, who didn't believe Victoria should be forgiven. Lukas was put off when Donovan asked Victoria to stand up for him at the wedding. With Donovan having to go to Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort for Robertson Enterprises launch of Gravity, he suggested to Lukas that they get married at the resort. Lukas agreed. At the resort, they got married in a lavish ceremony. Immediately following the ceremony, the launch occurred. Dominick suggested that guests buy Gravity merchandise and hit the ski hills before the wedding reception; Lukas went skiing with Craig. Donovan was stunned to learn that an avalanche hit while they were on the mountain! Lukas, Craig, Vinny & Daisy were all presumed dead. Donovan was devastated. On Christmas Day, Donovan was with Meggan when they learned that Lukas and Craig were found alive and well, unaware that Lukas had slept with Craig while trapped in a cave on the side of the mountain.

Donovan was thrilled when Lukas and Craig were released from the hospital following their stay in the cave on the mountain side. They were concerned that Craig couldn't remember everything that happened because of his high fever. Donovan and Lukas left town for a couple of weeks for their honeymoon. When they got back, Donovan suggested that they adopt a baby. Lukas agreed. Eva and Dominick threw them a congratulations party. At the party, Simona arrived and arrested Lukas on the charges of rape! Donovan was horrified to learn that Craig got his memory back and that Lukas had sex with him in the cave. Lukas maintained that he only slept with Craig to save his life. Donovan didn't know what to believe. Meggan encouraged Donovan to forgive Lukas. Donovan confronted Craig, who admitted that he and Lukas had been flirting leading up to the avalanche. Donovan told Craig he was disgusting. Later, Lukas told Donovan that he had paid Craig to make the charges go away. Craig left town. Lukas wanted Donovan to put their pieces of their marriage back together but Donovan wasn't sure he could. Donovan then got a call that there was a child in Twin Peaks that could be adopted if he and Lukas wanted. Donovan and Lukas continued to plan for the baby that they were going to adopt. Donovan told Lukas that he was over the fact that Lukas slept with Craig and they made love. Donovan was then nervous for the fact that no adoption papers were going to be signed until after the baby was born. Lukas tried to calm him down. Then, they found out that Chantel, the woman giving up her child, was in labour. Donovan and Lukas went to the hospital and adopted a baby boy that they named Olly. They had no idea that Chantel actually gave birth to a stillborn baby but Vinny arranged a baby switch and they adopted Abbyís child, who was told her baby died. Donovan and Lukas rejoiced with Olly. Donovan, however, felt bad for Abby and Andrew and invited them over to see Olly. Abby immediately felt a connection to Olly, not realizing that it was her baby. Lukas didnít like the fact that Donovan invited Abby over as he didnít want her to get a connection to his baby. Donovan maintained that he was just trying to help. Lukas became unnerved when Abby visited again.


Donovan and Eva continued to be worried about Victoria, who was suffering from headaches and sometime lapses. They worried that she had split again and urged her to get help. Eva then suggested that Victoria might be the killer if she had split again, but Donovan was able to give his sister an alibi. Donovan and Eva were further worried about Victoria when she claimed to have a vision of Brandy in her apartment; Victoria agreed to get help at Raven's Meadow. Lukas, meanwhile, insisted to Donovan that Abby stay away from baby Olly as he was worried of her connection to the child. Donovan, still feeling bad for Abby, let her see Olly, which created friction in the marriage. Once Abby found Albertinah's dead body, Donovan agreed that Abby should stay away from the baby because everyone dying was connected to her somehow. Lukas was thrilled and they couple was united. Donovan told a devastated Abby their decision. Lukas suggested to Donovan that they hire a nanny, which Donovan supported. Donovan was unnerved when Lukas hired Jasper, an attractive gay man. Donovan and Victoria were gutted when Eva was murdered. Lukas supported him. At Eva's memorial service, Victoria had a mental break which caused more concern for Donovan. She agreed to check herself into Raven's Meadow. After hearing about Abby's drama at Greg's trial for killing Brooke, Donovan reached out to her to see how she was doing. Lukas heard that tail end of their conversation and was furious with his husband for inviting Abby back into their lives. Donovan tried to explain but he worried about his marriage since the fight was intense. Donovan and Lukas seemingly made amends after that. A short time later, Donovan heard Lukas and Jasper kissing on Olly's baby monitor. Devastated, he grabbed his son and left the mansion. Not thinking clearly, he crashed his SUV! Both Donovan and Olly survived but Donovan couldn't remember the events leading up to the accident and he was left paralyzed from the waist down. Donovan was depressed by the fact that he had to use a wheelchair but he vowed to regain the strength in his legs. When Victoria returned to town, Donovan reunited with his sister. Soon, Donovan started getting the feelings back in his legs. Wanting to surprise Lukas, Donovan kept this from his husband. On New Year's Eve, Donovan walked in and spied Lukas and Jasper kissing one another!

Donovan's mind was racing over the fact that he saw Lukas and Jasper kissing on New Year's Eve. He wondered how long the affair had been going on and planned revenge on them. Soon after, he asked Jasper to help rub his legs, which the nanny had done before. Jasper did, unaware that Donovan was taping the encounter. Donovan told Lukas to go to the Roboto gala despite him not being able to go because he knew that Jasper had a date. Once Lukas was out of the house, Donovan planted another video camera in the study. The following day, Donovan watched the footage and saw Lukas and Jasper having sex again! Donovan shocked Jasper by walking into the room and telling him that he was going to do everything he said, or else. Shortly after, Lukas came home and demanded to know from Donovan what he did to make Jasper quit working for them. Donovan stunned Lukas by revealing that Jasper sexually assaulted him and he had proof! Donovan was annoyed when Lukas didn't believe him. Donovan confronted Jasper and Jasper maintained his innocence. Donovan told him that he knew that Jasper was an illegal immigrant and he would have him deported if he didn't do everything Donovan said. Lukas, then, was stunned to see Donovan walking. Donovan claimed he just got his leg strength back but Lukas was doubtful. Lukas overheard Donovan tell Jasper that he would make him pay and he confronted his husband. Donovan finally told Lukas that he knew about his affair and he would get his revenge! Lukas demanded to know what Donovan was planning or their marriage was over. Donovan told him that this wasn't the first time he strayed so he held all the cards. Jasper, meanwhile, broke into the mansion and crept into Olly's room. Donovan, elsewhere, continued to mourn Eva with Victoria. Soon, Bryce went to Donovan and asked him if he had heard from Victoria. Donovan encouraged him to go to the police once Victoria could be deemed a missing person. Donovan and Lukas continued to bicker about who was to blame for the mess their marriage was in, unaware that Jasper had broken into the mansion. Later, Donovan realized that baby Olly was missing! He and Lukas panicked and wondered who would have kidnapped their son, but after talking to Simona, they realized that it was Jasper. The married couple continued to bicker as Simona tried to find a lead on Olly, as Lukas blamed Donovan for pushing Jasper to the brink. Lukas, then, went to Meggan and asked her to track down Jasper and Olly; she agreed. Soon, Meggan got a lead that Jasper was in Mexico City, so Lukas and Meggan went to Mexico. Donovan pleaded with Lukas to find their son and while he was alone, he realized that his plan of revenge was wrong. Donovan was crushed when Lukas and Meggan returned home without Olly as the lead went cold. Donovan went to Antonio and asked him for help. Lukas was less than thrilled that Antonio was involved as he thought Donovan's uncle might be involved in some shading dealings. Antonio, however, told them that Jasper was seen in Puerto Vallarta. Meggan, Lukas and Donovan all booked a plane to there, but they couldn't leave until after Christmas. On Christmas, Donovan was thrilled to be reunited with Victoria and Eva. After the holidays, he and Lukas went to Mexico, again, in hopes of finding their son.

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