Representation: David Warner
On Series Since: 2013 - 2014
Full Name: Jonas Mitchell
Profession: works for Ernesto Moretti
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: None



Jonas is Ernesto's right hand man. He helps him with whatever Ernesto is cooking up. He recently told Ernesto that his son, Donovan, is gay. Jonas strongly protested Ernesto's plans to attack Victoria and Eva, but Jonas went along with it anyways. Ernesto always had a way to prove his innocence because, as a video tape showed, Jonas was actually the attacker. When Victoria was attacked for a second time, Ernesto turned up. Jonas seemingly disappeared.

After Ernesto was murdered, Jonas disappeared. Victoria and Donvaon realized this; Victoria and Robbie went to Italy in hopes of uncovering the truth about Ernesto's murder. They soon found a video proving that Jonas killed Ernesto! Jonas entered with a gun, but Victoria was able to talk him out of harming them. He agreed to help set Donovan free. They returned to Twin Peaks just as Donovan was about to receive the death penalty.

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