J.C. Fernandez

Representation: Rafael Nadal
On Series Since: 2011 - 2012
Full Name: Juan Carlos "JC" Fernandez
Profession: Photographer, Twin Peaks Sun
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Ex-Boyfriend, Andy Spinnes
Family Ties: None



JC works at the Sun as a photographer, where he met Andy. Sparkles flew instantly and the two soon hit the sheets. JC fell hard for Andy and while getting to know him through Andy's friends Trenyce & Victoria, JC asked Andy to move in with him. Andy agreed enjoying his time with JC. Once Andy's ex Reese came back to town, however, JC became increasingly jealous of their relationship despite Andy trying to tell him that everything was alright. During a black out, Andy and Reese had sex and vowed not to tell JC the truth. JC thought something was up, but had no idea what happened.

JC was worried when he found Trenyce at her house passed out. Trenyce covered, but JC still shared his concerns with Daisy and Andy. Trenyce was soon hospitalized and her eating disorder was revealed. JC continued to suspect something was going on with Andy and Reese, especially after they saw Reese having a date with Craig causing Andy to be jealous. JC accused his boyfriend of still having feelings for Reese. Andy apologized and recommited himself to JC. JC went to Reese and confronted him about his feelings for Reese. Reese finally admitted the truth about his affair with Andy to JC, who was absolutely crushed. JC decided to leave town, but Andy tracked him down at the airport and convinced him to give their relationship one more try. JC realized that he couldn't let Reese get away with the affair and went to the Sun with a story that Reese was a home wrecker. The article leaked and the town was shocked. Andy confronted JC asking him if he was responsible. JC said no. After Reese confronted them, JC realized that he couldn't keep up lying. He told Andy the truth. Andy was horrified and walked out on his boyfriend. JC tried to make it up to Andy, but Andy told him that he can't get over the fact that JC lied. JC and Andy broke up and JC left town to pursue his photography career in LA.

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