Dr. Liam Fitzpatrick

Representation: Brandon Beemer
On Series Since: 2010 - 2014
Full Name: Dr. Liam Fitzpatrick
Died: 2014
Profession: Doctor at DNYA Labs
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Ex-Girlfriend, Robin Navy
Family Ties: None



Liam works at DNYA labs. He was hired by Dominick to do a paternity test on Leah when she was unsure of who the father was, Robbie or Jeff. Dominick, however, paid Liam off not to do the test after all as he told Leah Robbie was the father.

Dominick returned after Robbie was shot and learned the truth: Jeff is really the baby's father. After a few months, he started to date Robin at Melissa's request.

Leah became increasingly upset with Robin and Liam's relationship. She confronted the doctor and he promised that he would never reveal the truth to Robin. Madeline saw the two fighting and wondered what was going on. Meanwhile, Liam and Robin continued to date as Cory pushed her away. Leah confronted Liam about his role in the paternity test. He told her that he would never reveal anything that happened in his office. He didn't realize that Madeline stole his file and learned the truth about Paige's paternity. Meanwhile, Liam and Robin had sex despite her feelings for Cory. She ended things with the doctor when she went back to Cory.

Robin began getting odd fan letters from her modelling career at Robertson Enterprises, which she passed off as nothing. Despite being 8 months pregnant, Robin agreed to do a meet and greet with Robertson Enterprises. During the event, a smoke bomb went off and Robin went missing! She awoke tied to the bed at the Calimo Cabin and was shocked to see that Liam was her kidnapper! He was livid that she dumped him and wanted revenge on her. A rain storm hit and the power went out; Robin went into labour. Liam delivered Robin's baby, but it was stillborn. Cory saved Robin and Robin pushed Liam out of the window of the cabin causing him to fall to his death.

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