Phil Young

Representation: Martina Sheen
On Series Since: 2003; 2010 - 2011
Full Name: Phil Young
Profession: Retired Executive
Martial Status: Married, Melissa Young
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: Wife, Melissa; Son, Nicholas Young



Melissa's husband and Robin's step father. He and Robin are close, and they bonded when she visited them in Boston. He helped Melissa and Robin mend their rocky relationship.

After Melissa came to Twin Peaks to break up Cory and Robin, he followed her.

He got fed up with his wife's decision to stay in TP and he moved back to Boston without her. He filed for divorce.

Phil arrived in town with Melissa to attend the gala at St. Joseph's to support Nicholas. Phil walked in on Nicholas and Andy having sex after the Bishop was harsh to Nicholas and he believed he wasn't going to be a priest anymore. Phil told his son to keep his head up high and then left town with Melissa.

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