Nicholas Young

Representation: Tom Daley
On Series Since: 2019 - Present
Full Name: Nicholas Young
Profession: Owner, One Day House
Martial Status: Estranged, Andy Spinnes & Clayton Hughes
Previous Relationships: Sex, Clayton Hughes
Family Ties: Mother, Melissa Young; Father, Phil Young; Half-Sister, Robin Navy; Half-Sister, Rebecca DeWitt



Nicholas Young, Robin's half-brother, arrived in town to take over as priest of St. Joseph's from Father Murphy when he retires. Robin was thrilled to reunite with him. When Nicholas met Andy, there was an instant attraction, and they bonded as Nicholas revealed that his partner died of HIV and that's what led him to the church. Andy and Nicholas continued to grow closer as Andy helped out around St. Joseph's. Eventually, they shared a steamy kiss, which Nicholas immediately told him that it was a mistake and could never happen again because he is a priest. Andy agreed but they both secretly longed for one another. Andy then arranged for Nicholas to speak to Dawn after she lost her baby, and to Craig after he was diagnosed with HIV, since Nicholas' partner died from the disease. Andy supported Kim when Bob got into a car accident, and while praying for Bob, kissed Nicholas again. Nicholas also supported Robin with her engagement.

Nicholas and Andy continued to fight their attraction and, on occasion, shared a few stolen kisses which Nicholas always regretted immediately. After the final kiss, Andy agreed to give Nicholas some space so they could try to move on from their attraction. At the same time, Nicholas learned that St. Joseph's was getting a grant from the city to help with some restoration renovations. To celebrate the renovations, Nicholas planned a gala at the church and invited the Arch Bishop. Nicholas reached out to Andy and asked him to write an article in the Sun, which Andy did. At the same time, Nicholas was supporting Robin from her interrupted wedding due to the news that Helen was alive. Nicholas told his sister not to let her insecurities about Adam and Helen's past get in her future. At the church gala, Melissa and Phil, Nicholas' parents, arrived to support him. Nicholas was upset when Arch Bishop Murray was cruel to him with the lack of details in some of the renovations. The words left Nicholas feeling like a failure and like he wasn't going to be a priest anymore. Andy comforted him and they ended up making love. Melissa, however, convinced the Bishop to apologize and they walked in on Andy and Nicholas having sex! Bishop Murray denounced Nicholas from the church, which left Nicholas crushed. Melissa and Phil left town but warned their son to stay away from Andy. When Andy tried to apologize to Nicholas, he told his lover that he didn't want to see him again. Nicholas continue to suffer from depression following the sex scandal at St. Joseph's. Robin encouraged Nicholas to not let the one night ruin his life, but Nicholas still felt down and out. He continued to push Andy away as well. Nicholas did support Lukas' quest to propose to Donovan. Andy, meanwhile, got advice from Craig to not let Nicholas push him away. At the same time, Nicholas found his hand fun. Andy discovered Nicholas with his gun and worried that his lover was going to hurt himself. Nicholas agreed to seek therapy. Shortly after, Andy told Nicholas that this was their time to be together. Nicholas realized that Andy was right and they made love. Soon after, Nicholas and Andy were stunned when Melissa returned to town and vowed that they would not be together.

Nicholas and Andy supported Craig, who struggled with nightmares and feeling raw after getting released from the hospital. They suggested he go to the doctor for his raw feeling and they learned he had torn glands. Melissa, meanwhile, told Nicholas she had to leave town for business and offered him to stay in her mansion while she was away. Nicholas was uneasy but Robin convinced him to take her up on the offer. Nicholas moved in and soon asked Andy to move in with him. Andy agreed but was skeptical. Soon after, Nicholas decided to open the One Day house, a half way house in the community. Andy started being late more often, which annoyed Nicholas as Andy was tardy to the grand opening. Andy tried to apologize but then claimed he was hearing a weird noise in the house. Nicholas didn't hear the noise and was concerned about Andy. Nicholas left for a business trip and when he got back, Andy told him he saw Reese in the house! Andy was stressed as he continued to see visions of Reese in the master bedroom of the Young mansion. Not knowing what was going on, Andy told Nicholas that he wanted to move out, which upset his lover. Nicholas convinced Andy to stay but after another vision of Reese, Andy moved back to his condo. Nicholas tried to support him but understood. Nicholas was crushed when Andy dumped him so he went to drink and ended up talking to an attractive man; Dawn arrived and told him that the man looks just like Reese! Nicholas demanded to know the truth and the man revealed that Melissa hired him to gaslight Andy! Meanwhile, Andy found his gun and was going to shoot himself when Nicholas barged in and saved him! Nicholas and Andy fought for the gun and Andy was shot in the arm. At the hospital, Nicholas and Kim told Andy the horrible truth about Melissa’s plan. Andy was horrified but left for rehab. When he got back, he told Nicholas and Kim that he wanted to find the Reese lookalike to understand why he looks like his dead husband. Nicholas was worried that Andy was going to bring the nightmare back into their lives but supported him. Nicholas, meanwhile, lashed out at Melissa and kicked her out of his life. Shortly after, Nicholas realized that the Reese lookalike was staying at the One Day House; he spoke to Clayton, the man, and realized he was gay as he admitted he struggled with hurting Andy because he was attracted to him. Nicholas worried that Clayton would come between him and Andy so he kept mum. Meggan, shortly after, realized where Clayton was staying.


Nicholas and Andy waited for news from Meggan about Clayton's whereabouts. Unbeknownst to the men, Clayton was staying at the One Day House. Cory happened to see Clayton and told Nicholas that he thought he saw Reese Wilkins in the house. Nicholas spoke to Clayton, who admitted that he is gay and he had a hard time carrying out Melissa's plan the year before because he was attracted to Andy. Nicholas worried that given Andy's history with Reese and the fact that Clayton looks exactly like him, knowing that Clayton is attracted to Andy, it might create issues for their relationship. Meggan, then, revealed to Nicholas that she knew Clayton was at the One Day House. Nicholas pleaded with Meggan not to tell Andy the truth until he figured out what to do. Meggan told him to be honest with Andy, which Nicholas agreed to do. By the time Nicholas got the nerve to be honest, however, Clayton had disappeared from the One Day House. Meggan and Nicholas told Andy the entire story; Andy was livid and told Nicholas he needed a break from him, leaving Nicholas upset. He tried to make it up to Andy, but he refused. Nicholas went to Meggan and asked her to find Clayton, thinking that if he found Clayton for Andy, he might be forgiven. Nicholas, then, looked at the phone records of the One Day House and realized that Melissa called the center. He raced to Boston to confront his mother, who admitted that she told Clayton to run away. Nicholas told Andy and Madeline, who returned to town, that he knew where Clayton was: Nashville. The three of them went to Nashville to find Clayton. Madeline fainted at the sight of the man who looked like her brother; when she came too, she convinced him to return to Twin Peaks. Back in Twin Peaks, Andy and Nicholas shared a kiss which Clayton saw. Shortly after, Nicholas ran into Clayton, who told him that he was thinking of getting a job at the Sugarbowl, which Nicholas supported. Clayton kissed Nicholas, which surprised him and told him that he was in love with Andy. Nicholas was stunned to learn that Clayton was Reese and Madeline's long lost triplet and then struggled to know if he should tell Andy that Clayton kissed him. Nicholas felt like he was caught in the middle between Clayton and Andy. Clayton continued to push Andy and Madeline away as he believed that they wanted him to be Reese. Nicholas became Clayton's confident and they ended up sharing a kiss. Shortly after, Clayton told Nicholas that he decided to leave town; they shared another goodbye kiss, which was witnessed by Andy. Andy confronted Nicholas, who admitted that it wasn't the first time they had kissed. Hurt, Andy dumped Nicholas. Nicholas, then, stood up for Robin and Shane at their wedding, despite knowing that his sister still had feelings for Adam. Clayton then surprised Nicholas by saying he decided to stay in town after all. Nicholas told him that Andy ended their relationship and in turn, Clayton asked him out on a date, which Nicholas accepted. Andy happened to see them on their date and confronted Nicholas; Nicholas told him that he was single and free to do whatever he wanted to do. Nicholas and Clayton then had a second date, which resulted in them making love to one another. In the aftermath, Andy arrived and stunned Nicholas by telling him that he and Clayton also had sex! Nicholas confronted Clayton, who told him that it just happened but he cared for Nicholas. Nicholas admitted he needed time to get over this. Shortly after, Clayton got Andy and Nicholas together and announced that he wanted to be with Nicholas and that the sex with Andy shouldn't have happened. Nicholas revealed that deep down he still cared about Andy and always did. Andy, stunned, admitted the same thing. They reunited unaware Clayton was getting ready to drop another bombshell on them.

Nicholas and Andy remained blissful as they reunited. They were, then, surprised to learn from Madeline that Clayton had left town because he couldn't handle the reunion. Nicholas told Andy that Clayton leaving was a sign that they were meant to be. Nicholas was then stunned to see Melissa on his doorstep. She admitted to her son that she didn't want him with Andy, which he overheard. Andy told Melissa to stay out of their relationship. Nicholas defended Andy and told his mother the same thing. After that, Melissa left town. Andy thought she was still up to no good but Nicholas trusted that she was on the up and up. Nicholas, then, asked Madeline and Kim's permission to ask Andy to marry him. They agreed and be planned a romantic evening for Andy, where he proposed. Andy accepted and they celebrated with Maddie and Kim. Clayton randomly texted Nicholas; Nicholas responded with the news that he and Andy were engaged. That drove Clayton back into town. Andy spoke to him and revealed to Nicholas that Clayton still loves Nicholas and wants him back. Nicholas told Andy that nothing would stop them from marrying. Nicholas told Clayton that while Clayton still loved him, he was going to marry Andy. Nicholas told Andy about his conversation with Clayton and the couple moved forward with their wedding plans. On their wedding day, Clayton paid Nicholas a visit and stunned him by revealing that he found a clause in Olivia and Preston's will stating that if he ever returned, he would get the entire inheritance, meaning Clayton could leave Madeline and Andy broke. Nicholas was horrified when Clayton said he would drop it all if he married him! Feeling trapped, Nicholas agreed and left Andy at the altar! In the aftermath, Clayton forced Nicholas to tell Andy that he still loved Clayton, which sent Andy thinking about drinking again. Nicholas, however, vowed to find a way to get the upper hand on his new husband. He saw Clayton's phone and went through it, and was stunned to see a recent call to his mother. Nicholas went to see Melissa in Boston and demanded to know her relationship with Clayton, or he would walk out of her life forever. Melissa revealed that Clayton is fraud – he's not really a Wilkins! Armed with the information, Nicholas revealed what happened to Andy, and they made love. Clayton learned and was fuming. He soon laid a lawsuit on Andy and Madeline, wanting all of their money. Nicholas vowed to stop him and revealed to Clayton, Andy and Madeline that he was running another DNA test to confirm that what Melissa revealed is true.

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