Rebecca DeWitt

Representation:Ana Ivanovic
On Series Since: 2003 - 2009; 2010; 2015 - 2017
Full Name: Rebecca DeWitt
Profession: Unknown
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: Affair, Shane Glubbs; Ex-Boyfriend, Jason Sanders; Affair, Cory Calvin
Family Ties: Half sister, Robin Navy


Rebecca was hiding in a mansion outside of Twin Peaks. She was the first woman to find Vinny's empty coffin. Wanting out of her contract with the mysterious Dave, Rebecca was set free. Leah found her and discovered that she and Robin were half sisters, sharing a mother!

Robin and Rebecca retunited. She soon started Jason. She met Shane and became instantly attracted to him. They started to have an affair.

Jason discovered the affair and was devastated. He told her he was leaving town. Realizing she wanted to keep Jason, she dumped Shane and got Jason to forgive her. They left town together.

The two did return for Robin and Cory's wedding.

Rebecca returned to town as Robin's mental status continued to worsen. Cory agreed to let her stay with him at the Penthouse. Rebecca was relieved when Dominick's plan to fake Robin's death failed. She continue to support Cory as he decided to send Robin away to a mental facility. Meanwhile, Rebecca continued to send mysterious text messages. After Robin went away, Rebecca was caught by Cory only in her underwear and then a bikini. They soon after shared a kiss, but he told her that they would have to stay friends. She agreed, but texted someone that her plan was working. Shortly after, Robin stopped taking Cory's telephone calls and he grew frustrated by his wife pushing him away. Rebecca suggested that she could go visit Robin in his place. When she returned, she told him Robin was improving, which further upset Cory because he didn't understand why Robin was rejecting him. On New Year's Eve, Cory gave into temptation and made love to Rebecca.

Cory and Rebecca continued their affair in the new year, despite knowing that it was wrong. They finally agreed to stop sleeping with each other for Robin's sake. Rebecca, the entire time, was keeping Melissa in the loop. Dominick caught Melissa and Rebecca together and wondered what was going on. Cory, meanwhile visited Robin and wondered why she acted differently after receiving her medication. Rebecca warned Melissa that Cory was putting it all together. Rebecca was then shocked to learn that while Cory was helping Robin escape the hospital, Caroline shot Cory! She was relieved to learn that Cory would be fine and admitted to Melissa that she had fallen for her sister's husband. Melissa told her daughter to follow along with her plan and she could still have a chance with Cory. On New Year's Eve, Melissa announced to Robin and Cory that Rebecca was pregnant ... with Cory's baby!

Rebecca worried when Melissa told her that she revealed to Robin and Cory that Rebecca was carrying Cory's baby. Rebecca knew that she wasn't pregnant, but Melissa revealed that Caroline Fitzpatrick would give up her baby to further get revenge on Robin for killing Liam. Rebecca was relieved when Cory's demanded pregnancy test came back positive. Rebecca was also happy when Cory told her that he would be there for her and the baby. Rebecca became nervous when Caroline started suffering from cramps. Melissa told her it would be fine, but Rebecca worried that she would lose Cory and the baby. Cory was put off by Rebecca lying and claiming that she didn't want him in the doctor's office during a check-up. Melissa told her to play along since it was really Caroline getting a checkup, not Rebecca. Rebecca continued to go along with Melissa's plan to keep Robin and Cory apart. She refused to let Cory into any doctor appointment, knowing Caroline was taking her place. She told Melissa she didn't know how much more she could lie to Cory because he knew something was wrong. After the baby was born, she stopped breathing. Caroling couldn't lie about her child being in crisis and admitted the truth! Cory and Robin blasted Rebecca for her lies and she skipped town.

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