Dr. Shane Glubbs

Representation: David Fumero
On Series Since: 2002 - Present
Full Name: Dr. Shane Glubbs
Profession: Doctor, Twin Peaks General Hospital; Medical consultant at Robertson Enterprises
Martial Status: Engaged, Natasha Calimo
Previous Relationships: Ex-Wife, Cassie Nova; Divorced & sex, Victoria Franky; Sex, Natasha Calimo; Affair, Rebecca DeWitt; Divorced, Natasha Calimo
Family Ties: None



Shane and Victoria were married. He was devastated when he found her shot at the Calimo cabin. She survived, but her behaviour became increasingly unstable. He was not aware that she had multiple personalities. He came home and found her in bed with Adam. He agreed to a divorce after that.

To get away, he went up to the Calimo cabin. He discovered an alive Natasha! They bonded and grew close as he helped her regain her memory. In the time, he fell in love with Natasha. She returned to TP and wanted her life back: which meant her marriage to Cory.

Cory, however, had married Robin in Natasha's absence. Cory was torn between the two. He choose Natasha, leaving Shane feeling left out. One night, after Cory rushed to Robin's side, Natasha turned to Shane and they made love. In the morning, she regretted it and told him it was a mistake, breaking his heart. He started having an affair with Rebecca, even though she was dating Jason.

Jason discovered the affair. Rebecca dumped Shane and left town. He still felt close to Natasha, even though she saw him as her best friend. He started seeing Cassie Nova, unaware that she fell hard for him and had a jealous streak in her regarding his relationship with Natasha. On the day of Natasha's wedding, he kissed her ... but went to the wedding with Cassie. Shane was appointed Natasha’s physical therapist to help her rehabilitate her legs after an accident. They continued to grow closer, leaving Cassie out in the cold. Cassie bought fertility drugs and tried to get pregnant with Shane’s baby. Meanwhile, Shane and Natasha almost kissed again. Cory realized how close Shane was with Natasha and warned him to stay away from his wife.

Shane bonded with Will and confessed he is in love with a woman he is not dating. Shane dumped Cassie after he realized he was leading her on. Soon, Natasha and Cory ended their marriage and Shane and Natasha hooked up. Just as they were about to move in together, Cassie revealed that she was pregnant! Natasha dumped Shane and urged him to do the right thing. He married Cassie, which she set up so Natasha would witness. After a few more close moments with Natasha, Shane continued to long for her, even though Cassie was now his wife. He found Cassie at home one night and she was distraught. She claimed her mother was ill and she left town to visit her. Upon her return, Cassie had given birth to their daughter, Dawn Marie! Shaen instantly fell in love with his daughter. He was unaware that Cassie had stolen Adam and Helen's baby as she had miscarried. After Cassie told him she was tired of him longing of Natasha, and Natasha told Shane to forget her, Shane decided to make an honest effort with his new family.

He kissed Cassie passionately. Shane, meanwhile, started seeing some weird notes with his wife. He caught her bottle feeding the baby when she claimed that she was going to breast feeding and he caught her in a lie with her mother. He still didn't know what was going. They did, however, continue to grow closer and they had sex on their one year anniversary. He saw Natasha a few times while she was high on drugs and tried to make her realize that she was better than what she had become. Soon, Cassie asked Shane to renew their vows. He agreed. During a blackout, Shane was trapped with Natasha and she professed her love for him. He admitted he was in love with her too and they kissed. He then felt conflicted but realized that he had to stay with his family. He told Natasha this and she was crushed. On the wedding day, he couldn't help but be drawn to Natasha though. The wedding didn't go through as a car bomb went off killing Sofia!

Shane believed that Cassie was acting oddly after Sofia's death, unaware that Cassie was behind the car bomb. On the day of the funeral, Natasha read her mother's diary which had documented all of Cassie's lies. Cassie tearfully admitted the truth and Shane was left shell shocked. He handed Dawn over to Adam and Helen and vowed to be in the child's life. Cassie meanwhile was presumed dead leaving Shane wishing like he had seen some more signs to prevent more of the heartache that had happened. Shane reached out to Natasha and asked her out on a date. She accepted and they ended up making love. He supported her while she was struggling with Bob and Kim's new relationship. Shane proposed to Natasha, and she accepted. Meanwhile, Helen started to lean on Shane a little bit more as her relationship to Adam started to show some strain.

Shane supported Natasha in the New Year as she dealt with Bob's engagement to Kim. He tried to tell her to be the bigger person in the situation but Natasha couldn't let it go. He and Helen continued to grow closer until Helen kissed him one night. He immediately told Natasha, who went to confront Helen. Shane worried, meanwhile, when Natasha didn't show up for Cory and Robin's wedding. Little did he know that Cassie was alive and had taken over Helen's life. Cassie had surgery to make herself look like Helen to get closer to Shane and Dawn again. Cassie kidnapped the real Helen and was also holding Natasha hostage. Shane received a letter from Natasha (that Cassie forced her to write) explaining that she left town because she couldn't handle Bob and Kim's marriage. Shane still thought it was odd, but told the newly weds that they were to blame for Natasha's leaving. Bob offered to help Shane find Natasha; Shane agreed. Cassie, meanwhile, continued to try to get closer to Shane. She kissed him a few more times and revealed that "Helen" was divorcing Adam. Shane maintained that he loved Natasha and would always be with her. Cassie was furious. Shane then overheard Cassie and Adam talking about Casey not being who he claims to be. Shane went to confront Helen; Cassie knocked him and Adam out. Kim, meanwhile, discovered a captive Helen and Natasha. She and Cassie were shot as Helen and Natasha were saved. Nat and Shane were reunited. Shane confronted Cassie, who told him that not everything was at it seems. On New Year's Eve, Shane surprised Natasha with a surprise wedding; the couple finally wed.

Cassie continued to try to ruin Shane and Natasha's relationship; she told Natasha that Shane was the father of her unborn baby. Natasha confronted Shane, who was livid that Natasha was believing Cassie over him. Shane confronted Cassie and warned her to leave him and Natasha alone. Adam, meanwhile, confided to Shane that he had slept with Cassie. Shane arranged a paternity test; it revealed that Adam was the father of Cassie's baby. Shane agreed to help Adam and Helen get custody of the unborn child. After Helen was found knocked out and Cassie went missing, Shane supported Natasha's quest to have Helen under go a DNA test as they feared Cassie switched places with her again. Helen was proven to be herself. Shane then focused on trying to find a missing Cassie.

In the new year, Shane put out a court order for Cassie: reveal herself in 30 days or their marriage would be annulled. After the 30 days, Shane proposed to Natasha and she accepted! They got married in a lavish ceremony. Shortly after, Shane learned that Eva was going to step down as Chief of Staff at the hospital and realized he would want the position. He didn't realize how much his job was upsetting Natasha as she discovered that she was pregnant but she didn't tell Shane thinking he wouldn't be happy about the baby because of the potential new job. He realized that Natasha was with child and raced to stop her from having an abortion; he got there in time and the couple rejoyced in their news. Natasha, meanwhile, was still worried that Shane wouldn't have time to be the COS and a full time father. The couple continued to disagree about the future of Shane's career and during one diagreement, Natasha went into premature labour! She gave birth to baby Jacob, who needed to stay in the ICU because his lungs weren't fully developed. Natasha was livid with Shane when he told her he was still going to move forward with the COS job. At the hospital gala, Shane officially took over as COS. At the same time, Natasha was having sex with Adam, which Shane doesn't know about. Afterwards, Shane and Natasha tried to be a family, but he noticed that she was some what distant.

Shane was horrified to see that Jacob wasn't breathing properly after a check up Natasha took him too. They rushed their son to the hospital and were relived when he was fine. Shortly after, however, Natasha fell down a flight of stairs and Shane was worried when Natasha became depressed around Jacob. He went to Bob for help, who agreed to help his daughter. Shane continued to ask Natasha what was wrong but she never said anything. He was alarmed when Natasha seemingly started to remember what happened the night of the accident but she kept him in the dark, upsetting Shane. Shane continued to press Natasha for the truth about what was going on around her, but she kept mum. Barbara paid Shane a visit and told him to keep digging. On the night of the summer storm, Shane grabbed Natasha's medical file and read it; he learned that she miscarried a baby the night she fell down the stairs. He realized that she must have cheated. He left the hospital to find his wife in the rain but was in a car accident. He wasn't seriously hurt but when he awoke, he asked Natasha and she admitted the truth. He asked her to leave. Paige, meanwhile, developed a crush on Shane and asked to be his assistant. He agreed and the two flirted. Paige kissed Shane, but he told her they could only be friends. Natasha, meanwhile continued to try to get back into Shane's good graces but he told her he was leaving her.

Shane got a tongue lashing from Natasha early in the New Year for sending her divorce papers on Christmas Day. He told her that he couldn't trust her anymore because of her affair with Adam. Paige, meanwhile, continued to try to grow closer to Shane, despite him telling her that they can't be anything more than just friends. Then, Victoria told him that the hospital was investigating how he learned about Natasha's miscarriage, and while the investigation was going on, she would be acting Chief of Staff. Natasha learned of the investigation and supported Shane. He agreed then to try to work on their marriage and agreed to go to the cabin with her for a few days after Andy's gala for Reese. Shane, however, was miffed when he saw Natasha talking to Adam at the gala. Bob suffered a stroke, so Natasha stayed back while Shane went to the cabin. Dawn overheard the couple's plans and altered Paige that Shane was heading to the cabin alone. Paige decided to surprise Shane. On the way there, she got a flat tire and Shane picked her up and took her to the cabin. Once there, Paige got Shane drunk and they shared a kiss again. Shane ended it and went to bed. Paige disrobed and followed him. In the morning, Shane awoke naked with Paige next to him but he couldn't remember what happened. Natasha arrived and saw what she thought was Shane & Paige in the afterglow of sex. Shane told his wife he couldn't remember what happened but Paige revealed that they had slept together. Paige begged Shane not to say anything but Natasha spilled the beans to Robbie & Jeff about what happened at the cabin. Robbie arrested Shane for statutory rape. Shane hired Josh Levitt to hire him, and told his lawyer he can't remember what happened but he said that he wouldn't have had sex with a minor. Josh got a court order to have Paige examined to see if she was still a virgin. Shane, meanwhile, was worried that Natasha didn't believe him. In court, Natasha admitted on the stand that she believed Shane was guilty. Shane pleaded with Paige to be honest so no one would be hurt by the trial. On the stand, Paige finally confessed that she lied because she wanted to have a chance with Shane. The charges against Shane were dropped but he, along with Paige & Dawn, were ordered to therapy. Paige apologized to Shane, who told that he forgave her. Shane, however, did not forgive Natasha for her betrayal. He demanded a divorce from her. Later, Shane arrived at court to meet his therapist and was shocked to see that it was Cassie Nova! Shane was floored that Cassie was his therapist. She told him that she was a changed woman and in therapy, he revealed that Natasha had slept with Adam and then didn't believe him during the trial. Cassie suggested to him that leaving Natasha was the right thing to do. Shane, then, revealed to Natasha that Cassie was back. Natasha was livid and refused to allow Cassie to ruin their lives again, but Shane, having seen Cassie in therapy, believed that she was a changed woman, much to Natasha's horror. After Cassie found Frederick shot, Shane comforted her as she was rattled. Shane then gave Natasha divorce papers and she signed them. They shared a seemingly close moment when they learned their divorce was finalized. On New Year's Eve, Shane saw Cory and Natasha kiss, so he surprised himself, and Cassie, by kissing her.

After his kiss with Cassie on New Year Eve, Shane was left thinking he and his former flame were growing closer. He soon discovered, however, that Natasha saw them kiss and she was not pleased. Shane asked his ex-wife to stay out of his romantic life. Shane and Cassie shared another close moment, which was also witnessed by Natasha. Natasha confronted them and demanded that they end their romance. Shane refused. Shortly after, Natasha slipped on some ice and was hospitalized. Shane wondered if Cassie caused the fall; when Natasha revealed that it was an accident, Shane apologized to Cassie for thinking the worst. To make it up to her, Shane invited her to dinner. At the dinner, they noticed that Jacob wasn't breathing properly. Shane rushed his son to the hospital, where he learned that Jacob had a lung infection that had collapsed his right lung and was slowly moving to his left lung. If Jacob didn't receive a lung transplant, he would die. Shane and Natasha were devastated as they realized the chances of another toddler being a donor were slim to none. They tried to remain positive, however. Then the ice storm hit Twin Peaks, which created chaos. Shane was shocked to learn of the car accident involving Kim, Blake and Jemma. Shane and Natasha then learned that Jacob took a turn for the worse. Instead of letting Jacob die, Shane and Natasha agreed to remove him from life support. Just as they were about to remove the life support, Tyler and Kim arrived and announced they wanted to donated a braindead Blake's lungs to Jacob. Shane and Natasha rejoiced. The transplant was a success: Jacob received the lungs. Shen and Natasha tried to support Kim & Tyler in the aftermath. Shortly after, Craig revealed to Shane and Natasha that Jacob was doing better but he would be better suited at a rehabilitation center in New York. Natasha had her worries about travelling with Jacob so soon after the transplant, but she and Shane agreed to send him there. Shane and Natasha also agreed to go to New York together to be with their son. In New York, Shane and Natasha almost kissed after getting good news about Jacob but they stopped themselves. They shortly returned to Twin Peaks and Shane went to see Cassie, who lashed out at him. Taken a back, Shane wondered what had happened while he was in NYC. Shane had no idea that Cassie actually didn't have feelings for him, but continued to see him so she could make Natasha uneasy. They continued to grow closer, but Shane also grew closer to Victoria as they bonded. On New Year's Eve, Shane and Victoria ended up sharing a kiss.

Shane and Cassie continued to grow closer and he even agreed to let her throw him a birthday party. Natasha continued to tell Shane that Cassie was using him, but he refused to believe it. At his birthday party, Natasha exposed Cassie as she caught her on tape saying she was using Shane to get back at Natasha. Shane was shocked and dumped Cassie. As Shane was leaving the party, he agreed to go for a walk with Victoria, but he was held back by Natasha. He thanked her for telling him the truth. When Shane caught up to Victoria, she was about to be raped on the pier by a masked man. Shane saved her but grew concerned about Victoria considering her past with Ernesto. Victoria continue to maintain that she was fine, but soon after her multiple personality, Brandy, reemerged. When Shane saw Brandy, he was fooled into believing it was Victoria. Shane continued to be worried about Victoria's odd behavior and relayed this information to Eva and Dominick, who believed she was fine. Shane, then, was equally alarmed with Natasha when they hadn't heard from Jacob. After Natasha gave birth, she revealed to Shane that Jacob told her via text that he was engaged, which floored Shane. Shane, meanwhile, was concerned when Craig became very ill following his HIV diagnosis. He asked Craig if he could review his medical file as a second opinion, and when he did, he realized that Craig actually didn't have HIV. He confronted Victoria, who Brandy pretended to be and she lashed out at him. Shane went to Eva and told her what he uncovered and Eva also thought that something was off with her daughter. Craig was then admitted to the hospital as he took a turn for the worse, and Shane re-tested his blood to confirm that he didn't have HIV. He once again confronted Brandy, who claimed it was a lab error. Shane then overheard Donovan tell Lukas about Victoria's history with DID and told Eva he suspected Brandy was back. Shane, meanwhile, was thrilled when Jacob returned to town. On Christmas Day, he was shocked to learn that Jacob's fiancé was Cassie Nova!

Shane and Natasha were stunned to learn that Cassie was Jacob's fiancé. They expressed their concern to Jacob, who reassured them that everything was fine. Natasha vowed, however, that the wedding wouldn't happen. Shane, meanwhile, continued to suspect that Victoria's alter egos had come back. He told Eva and Donovan about his theory, but Eva didn't want to believe it. Brandy, meanwhile, maintained control of Victoria's mind. Shane convinced Eva and Donovan to take Victoria to go to the Calimo cabin to hold an intervention; they agreed. When the three of them arrived, they found Brandy holding a gun on Brett, who was out of jail. Brandy had snapped since Dave and Brett shot Victoria years ago. Eva was horrified when Brandy revealed herself and told them that she would have to kill them all since they knew her secret. The gun got jammed and Brandy accidently shot herself. At the hospital, Victoria slipped into a coma while Eva, Shane and Donovan were left wondering who else Brandy had harmed. Shane went to Victoria's condo and discovered a shrine with Dave, Brett, Barbara, Craig and Helen's pictures on it. Shane wondered why Helen was on the shrine. He then found the walkie-talkie that Brandy was using to communicate with a buried alive Helen. Shane raced to the church and interrupted Adam and Helen's wedding with the theory that Helen was alive! They rushed to the cemetery and dug up Helen's grave; they found alive but near death as Brandy didn't refill her water. At the hospital, Helen was given a clean bill of health. Shane, then, convinced Eva and Donovan to send Victoria away to ensure she deals with her mental illness. They agreed. Shane continued to try to get through to Jacob about marrying Cassie, to no avail. Jacob continued to tell his father he knew what he was doing. Natasha pressed Shane to come up with a way to prevent them for getting together, so Shane offered Cassie money to leave Jacob, which didn't work. After Natasha's trial, Cassie and Jacob's wedding day arrived. Shane told Natasha that he didn't want to look back on the day and miss it; so they went to the church and interrupted the ceremony. They told their son that they would support him; Jacob stunned his parents by revealing that he was using Cassie to get back at her for everything they put her through! The marriage was called off; Cassie was crushed but Natasha and Shane were pleased. Soon after, Jacob admitted to his father that he felt bad for what he did to Cassie. Shane, meanwhile, was thrilled when Victoria returned home, healthy again. They kissed but Victoria told him she wanted to go slowly. On New Year's Eve, they made love.

Shane and Victoria agreed that they enjoyed their love making on New Year's Eve and they continued to sleep with one another. After Craig quit, Robin suggested to Dominick that they hire Shane as the Robertson Enterprises medical consultant. Shane agreed to take the position and he and Robin grew closer. Victoria, meanwhile, was late with her period and thought she was pregnant. She told Shane, who was excited at the idea of becoming a father again. He noted Victoria was apprehensive. Victoria took a pregnancy test and was relieved that she was not pregnant. The ordeal, however, made Shane realize that they wanted different things. He ended things with Victoria; Robin supported him. Shane and Natasha were put off when Jacob started dating Paige. To try to make his son realize that dating her was a mistake, Shane told Jacob about his past with Paige. It didn't work; Jacob and Paige continued to date. At Robertson, Shane and Robin continued to work closer together and Shane realized that he had started to develop feelings for her, despite her being with Adam. Robin told him that they were going to Paris together to do a photoshoot and Adam was also going to go so they could try to rebuild their relationship. Shane hid his feelings for Robin, but after she returned to the hotel thinking that Adam stood her up at the Eiffel Tower, Shane and Robin made love. In the aftermath, Robin and Adam realized their mis-timed meeting and got back together. Robin pleaded with Shane to keep their affair a secret, which he did, even though he longed to be with Robin again.Shane was concerned when Robin and Helen had a catfight which resulted in Robin falling down the stairs and getting concussion. At the hospital, Shane told Robin that she was pregnant and he was the father because they had sex in Paris. Robin was horrified and begged him not to say anything; Shane agreed but eventually told her that she had 48 hours to tell Adam the truth or he would. Robin told Adam the truth; he walked out on Robin and ended up in a car accident with Chris! The accident caused Adam to have short term memory loss as he didn’t remember the last 5 years of his life. Seeing Helen and Adam grow closer caused stress to Robin and she started to cramp, which worried Shane. He pleaded with Robin to stay calm. Shane, meanwhile, continued to worry about Jacob’s engagement to Paige. He and Natasha tried to convince him to end the relationship to no avail. Jacob decided to elope with Paige and they went to Banff, Canada. Max went to Jeff and Shane and told them he thought Cassie might try to stop the wedding, so they raced to Banff, where they saved Paige and Jacob from carbon monoxide poisoning as Cassie tried to kill them. Natasha and Shane rejoiced that Jacob was safe and agreed to support his relationship with Paige. Robin, meanwhile, continued to cramp and she had another fight with Helen, which caused Adam’s memory to return and Robin went into premature labour. At the hospital, Robin gave birth to a girl named Dominique, who remained in ICU due to being so early. Shane and Robin prayed that she would survive.


Shane and Robin remained at baby Dominique's side at the hospital until they learned that she was doing well enough to go home. They were thrilled, but Shane was upset when Robin moved back in with Adam, despite learning that he had made love to Helen. Shane was constantly visiting Dominique and being witnessed to close moments between Robin and Adam. Helen told Shane that they had to do something to break the couple up, but Shane wasn't sure. He started to change his mind, however, after Adam and Robin got engaged again. Helen gave him an idea: threaten to sue Robin for custody of Dominique if she didn't move out of Adam's and in with him! Shane was on the fence but eventually told Robin his demands. Shane went as far as to threaten to bring up Robin's inability to stay calm during the pregnancy, which could have resulted in the premature birth. Robin was stunned but agreed. She told Adam, who was gutted that they were losing their chance at a future again. Robin moved out and in with Shane, who wanted to get married quickly. Robin tried to prevent the marriage, but Shane insisted. Shane was floored when Cassie returned to town after Max was arrested for harboring a fugitive. She was quickly arrested for trying to kill Jacob and Paige the previous year. She was released, however, when she told Jacob she gave birth to his son and he would never see him if she didn't get out of jail. Shane and Natasha were skeptical that Cassie gave birth to a child, but eventually baby Carter came to town. Shane supported Jacob but worried that he wasn't the father. Shane, meanwhile, convinced Robin to marry him for the sake of baby Dominique. She agreed but told him she would have to tell Adam the news. While she did that, Shane told Helen that they were finally going to get everything they wanted. Soon after, Shane and Robin married in a simple ceremony. They grew closer and ended up making love. In the aftermath, Robin admitted that she needed it but that her heart still belonged to Adam. Crushed, Shane decided to tell her the truth about his plan with Helen but before he could, Adam arrived and demanded that he tell Robin the truth (Helen had finally told Adam what happened). Shane told Robin how he and Helen worked together to split up her and Adam; devastated, Robin slapped her husband and announced that she wanted an annulment. Shane and Helen worried that they had lost their loved ones for good. He realized that he should move on from Robin and Shane kissed Helen on New Year's Eve after he told Adam that he and Robin made love.

Shane was thrilled when Robin revealed that she was pregnant again. His hopes were dashed quickly once she revealed that Adam might also be the father. He encouraged her to tell Adam the truth so they could find out who the father is. Once Adam learned the truth, Robin had a paternity test run and Shane was confirmed to be the father. Adam was devastated and ended things with Robin, which made Shane believe that this was there time to be together. Robin admitted to him that she never loved him, which left Shane gutted. She promised that he would always be in the baby's life, and Dominique's, but that they couldn't be together. Shane agreed to move on from her. Meanwhile, Shane was with Jacob and Natasha when they learned that Jacob fathered Carter. Cassie agreed to a paternity test, which confirmed Jacob was the father. Natasha refused to believe it and secretly stole one of Carter's pacifier's. She asked Shane to secretly run another paternity test, which he did. Unbeknownst to him, someone broke into his office after he ran the test, which also confirmed that Jacob fathered the child. Cassie and Jacob were livid when they learned about the secret second test. Cassie warned Shane and Natasha to stop interfering or she could cut Carter from their lives. Natasha told Shane that they had to think of something to ensure Jacob stayed away from Cassie. Natasha stunned Shane by asking him to seduce Cassie! After some consideration, Shane agreed and he invited Cassie over, where he kissed her. Cassie, however, rejected his advances and left. Shane told Natasha, who told him that they would have to think of something else. Shortly after, however, Natasha started having coughing spells and she collapsed! At the hospital, Shane told her family that Natasha has a rare blood disease that was killing her! Shane continued to help Natasha cover up the fact that she wasn't really dying from the rare blood disease that they said she had. While doing so, Shane and his ex-wife made love, unaware that Sophie saw and filmed it. Shane proposed to Natasha; she accepted but told him the wedding would have to wait until after they ensured Jacob was away from Cassie forever. Shane encouraged his son to be with Isabelle after Natasha told Jacob that her dying wish was for him to marry her. Shane and Natasha were thrilled when Jacob proposed, and they planned to be married. Shortly after, Madeline told Shane and Natasha that she saw Cassie coming out of his office at the hospital. Shane confronted her and Cassie covered. Shane thanked Cory for helping Robin deliver their baby, Oscar. He was thrilled to be a father again. Shane supported Natasha after Cory was presumed dead in a plane crash. Shortly after, Jacob and Isabelle's wedding day arrived and they were married! Immediately after, Cassie interrupted and exposed Shane and Natasha's plan! Jacob, Isabelle and Sophie were furious with Shane and Natasha. Cassie vowed revenge on them, while Shane and Natasha tried to pick up the pieces.

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