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2023 Recap
889 "My Heart Stops Beating"
890 "I Play with Fire"
891 "Coming from the Bottom"
892 "The Facts Aren't the Same"
893 "We Changed the World"
894 "Hurt Myself a Million Times"
895 "We've Always been Afraid"
896 "Trying to have Another Conversation"
897 "Frightened by my Own Reflection"
898 "A Door I Can't Keep Closed"
899 "Put My Hand into Hellfire"
900 "The Truth is a Liar"
901 "Til I Can't Think Straight"
902 "Thought I Buried You"
903 "I Was Talking to Demons"
904 "Watching You Go Insane"
905 "Hit Me With Your Eyes"
906 "Running Out of Time"
907 "Don't Play With You"
908 "Seem to Say Goodbye"
909 "A Single Teardrop Falling"
910 "Need Me that Good Love"
911 "Time Won't Slow Down"
912 "Thinking of Simpler Times"
913 "Easy to Hide a Piece Away"
914 "Just Tell Me Your Secrets"
915 "If You Follow Emotions"
916 "Get into my Head"
917 "I Dodged a Bullet"
918 "It's Making Me Blue"
919 "Nothing Like Your Love"
920 "We Are Thunder in a Hurricane"
921 "Falling with No Safety Net"
922 "Something has to Die"
923 "On the Run with You"
924 "We Both Belong Tonight"
925 "Back to a Sweeter Time"
926 "My Stranger in the Dark"
927 "My Fears Surround Me"
928 "Afraid of Our Love"
929 "My Hands are Tied"
930 "Learned a New Trick"
931 "Diamond in the Dark"
932 "Pinball in a Game"
933 "Feeling the Big Decay"
934 "I'm Just Praying Now"
935 "Love Letters to Heaven"
936 "Something Takes a Hold"
937 "Crossed on My Heart Forever"
938 "Stabbed You in the Back"
939 "Died in my Dream"
940 "Beyond the Pain"
941 "Love Me in a Whole Different Way"
942 "I Find a Different Shape"
943 "I See Your Light"
944 "Our Love is on the Borderline"
945 "You Were with Shining Stars"
946 "Fire in Your Eyes"
947 "In that Silent Corridor"
948 "Troubled By My Circumstance"
949 "Hard to Pretend"
950 "A Whole Life's Over"
951 "Can't Seem to Find What's Wrong"
952 "That Leave Me Weaker"
953 "Seasons May Change"
954 "How to Burn & Rise"
955 "Never Live Without Me"
956 "I'm Just on Fire"
957 "If You're Looking for a Saviour"
958 "You Know the Same Secrets"
959 "Pulled Me from Hell"
960 "Lost all my Fortune"
961 "Yesterday was Black & Blue"
962 "All My Love is Free"
963 "Should've Told Me You were Dangerous"
964 "Dont Miss the Poison Arrows"
965 "The Line's Gone Dark"
966 "You Haven't Changed At All"
967 "Punched in a Wall"
968 "Bad Part of the Right Thing"
969 "It Should be a Celebration"
970 "Find it After Dark"
971 "Escort Me Through These Halls"
972 "Now the World is Turning"
973 "Brought You Down to Your Knees"
974 "See a Bloodbath Coming"
975 "Don't Make Me Choose"
976 "In & Out of Dreams"
977 "This Ain't No Game"
978 "Caught Up in the Wrong Thing"
979 "It's Painful to Play"
980 "Hole in My Heart"
981 "In The Shadows of Your Mind"
982 "Go & Load the Gun"
983 "Sleep Through the Tears"
984 "Storming in my Mind"
985 "Not Yet Healed"
986 "Drowning in this Silence"
987 "Burned the Bridge"
988 "Straight to the Heart"
989 "You Break Me Apart"
990 "Tired of Being Careful"
991 "The Good Guy Never Wins"
992 "Promised Me Forever"
993 "Reckless, Like I Promised"
994 "Too Good to be True"
995 "Your Biggest Enemy"
996 "For a Moment of Time"
997 "Feels like I'm Dreaming"
998 "Relinquish my Love to You"
999 "Remember Us at Our Best"
1000 "Be Without Your Love"
1001"The Heat of the Night"
1002 "Run With the Wolves"
1003 "Ghost of a Shadow"
1004 "The Knife Under the Skin"
1005 "Edge of a Knife"
1006 "Send Me Straight to Heaven"
1007 "Then We Fall in Love"
1008 "Kissed Me After Midnight"
1009 "It's All About Kindness"
1010 "Running Low on Love"
1011 "You Couldn't See the Truth"

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