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2022 Recap
770 "Feel the Dark Side"
771 "It Just Might Destroy You"
772 "Out of the Cold"
773 "Once in a Life Time"
774 "Feel the Final Separation"
775 "Somewhere in the Middle"
776 "Hole in My Heart"
777 "Jumping Through Hoops"
778 "See my Vision"
779 "Alright to be Alone"
780 "Walk into the Wild"
781 "Going Through Withdrawals"
782 "Someone to Love Me"
783 "Losing my Senses"
784 "It's Time for a Throwback"
785 "Don't Need Nobody's Help"
786 "It Will Start to Shine"
787 "My Heart Can't Take a Loss"
788 "Breathe You in Forever"
789 "Full of Such Trepidation"
790 "All of Your Power"
791 "You Can Touch the Sky"
792"Watch it Blast Off"
793 "Flying Sky High"
794 "Your Fingerprints All Over"
795 "Lead Me Astray"
796 "A Single Teardrop"
797 "Take Off My Disguise"
798 "Will Never Be Replaced"
799 "I'm Bleeding Out"
800 "After All the Heart Breaks"
801 "Hear My Heart Beat"
802 "Dancing with the Devil's Past"
803 "Im Carving the Sky"
804 "Living in a Fantasy"
805 "Swimming in my Veins"
806 "Free Me from the Chain"
807 "Your Right to Hurt Me"
808 "Your Loving is Gold"
809 "Anything Could Stop Me"
810 "Bruises on Both my Knees"
811 "Things that are Deadly"
812 "Nothing but Unstable"
813 "Cold in my Kingdom"
814 "Heaven's Out of Sight"
815 "Wasting My Breath"
816 "When the Darkness Came"
817 "Instructed all the Demons"
818 "Can't Express with Words"
819 "Face Up to the Sky"
820 "The Mistakes & the Dread"
821 "Live for the Feeling"
822 "So You Can Shine"
823 "Hard to Hear Yourself"
824 "Catch them as they Fall"
825 "Let's Breathe Underwater"
826 "When I Fall Down"
827 "Nightmares Turned into Big Dreams"
828 "Hard to Love & Lose"
829 "This Could Really Get out of Hand"
830 "Never Asked for the Rainfall"
831 "Want to go Wild"
832 "Don't Even Want that Drama"
833 "Keep Getting Struck By Thunder"
834 "To Be Loved By You"
835 "The Fading Golden Light"
836 "Tore Myself to Pieces"
837 "Pull Up to the Gate"
838 "Let the Dreams Get In"
839 "Silence Finally in my Head"
840 "In this Broken Place"
841 "Show Up in a Dream"
842 "Wait a Long Time"
843 "Rip Our Memories Off the Wall"
844 "Everything is Heightened Now"
845 "The Darkness of the World"
846 "Little Bit of Excess"
847 "Stuck in the Middle"
848 "Another Day to Pretend"
849 "You Burned the Bridges"
850 "Ghost Haunt Me"
851 "Dancing in your Eyes"
852 "I'm Wrestling with Angels"
853 "Paradise is in my Hand"
854 "The Tide is High"
855 "See the Season Changing"
856 "The Stranger at Home"
857 "Stuck in my Head"
858 "Drive the Stake In"
859 "Low on the High Types"
860 "You Knock Me Down"
861 "Good at Cashing In"
862 "Crawl Back to Me"
863 "Love is so Confusing"
864 "Rain on the Road"
865 "It Gets Me Excited"
866 "Jumping Through Hoops"
867 "Nobody Could Save Me"
868 "Fear of What's in the Mirror"
869 "Go Back in Time"
870 "Scars on my Mind"
871 "Without a Steady Hand"
872 "Cut Me Loose"
873 "Brought to the Daylight"
874 "Hard on the Oustide"
875 "Exceeded My Darkest Thoughts"
876 "Put a Plan Together"
877 "Fighting Some War"
878 "Make Me Be Bittersweet"
879 "Reason I Didn't Stay"
880 "Love Like it's the First Time"
881 "The Stars Look Diffferent Tonight"
882 "In Dreams of Blue"
883 "You Were Still in Reach"
884 "Hit it Out of the Park"
885 "Had Something so Sweet"
886 "The World is Trying to Break Me"
887 "Decorate My Heart"
888 "Before You Came Around"

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